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Definitely Six Pack. I have that movie on DVD, I love it. I also have Cannonball Run, love that movie too, but I don’t generally think of that as a “racing” movie. Although it technically is a race. Heart Like A Wheel was really good too.

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5 hours ago, ModifiedMan18 said:

Absolutely the first one I ever saw at around 7 years of age. Thunder In Carolina. And iif I remember you'll see posters from local tracks in the movie (Ontario County Fairgrounds/Flemington/Reading).

I never heard of this movie so I did some investigation. You weren't kidding...

128312022_10158268165547772_2630407625379540528_o.jpg (1138×722) (fbcdn.net)

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22 hours ago, chas71 said:

Grand Prix

Finally someone mentions the gold standard. The plot is nonsense, but the racing footage is second to none. 

I never cared for Le Mans the movie.

Ford vs Ferrari and Rush are pretty good though. Biopics are hard because they add too much dramatic license. With that said, both those are better than most. Not perfect, but pretty close.

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