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Favorite Dirt Modified Paint Scheme (or vinyl...if you must)

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I was curious if you could only pick 1 dirt modified as your favorite paint scheme (or vinyl... if you must) what would it be?

a few ground rules though first:

1. No IMCA or UMP modifieds (I shouldn't have to say this but I know some of you out there will put down your Faygo and post a pic of some mid-west IMCA "modified"...not on this post!)

2. Please post a pic or a link of the car unless its an obvious one

3. If your favorite car is Tyler Trump's 2020 car.....just save it man...no politics on the post.

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my favorite

I always loved this car. I remember when it pulled in to Syracuse and it was almost the same look from everyone that the Batmobile got. There were a few complaints around. But like the batmobile I lov

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2 hours ago, Uncle tom said:

I wish, for the life of me, that I could find a picture of one of the Jimmy Hauser 2H modifieds from SDW during the mud 90’s ! Those cars were absolutely beautiful. Easily my all time favorite paint schemes.

Look on Orange County fair Facebook page. Couple days ago they posted picture of Hauser car from Syracuse 

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I think this topic is great! 

The picture I posted of Steve Paine's 7x (hand lettered by Bob Meyer Signs) is the time where cars were going from all hand lettered with a mix of vinyl.  I'm definitely not taking anything away from the wraps that are on cars today but it's definitely a different type of talent than years gone by.

Plus the photography skills (Bob Lewis Photography) with this picture is a 10 out of 10!  The photo is taken (before the days of photoshopping and filtering digital images) right at Steve's family business, Paine's Garage. 

Just pure talent and getting it right the first time . . .


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Lou Lazzaro’s maroon with the white stripe.  

Dave Lape’s flamed 22 were good.  Especially that time he did the red cars.  

Jack’s Birosh looked great in the early 90’s. His pavement car was a beauty.  

The one thing about wraps is that it has allowed the schemes to become too busy.  Too many wild stripes.  It’s like there’s so much on them you can’t clearly see the number or sponsors.  Sorry to pick on him, but Larry Wight comes to mind. 

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