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  2. GasketCase

    Chris Hile

    Both them there Hile boys can drive. It's great to see one of them getting some recognition.
  3. Today
  4. 35-40 big blocks same for the small blocks..This event normally had a pretty good field of cars
  5. Outlaw Photos

    Where was Rocky?

    Jake at this time does not own a big block...
  7. Yesterday
  8. Kinda sort of. Jakes car/motor was not legal at Dirtweek. Dirtweek motors are legal at Fonda
  9. Yes you can it’s the 40ft long site the site with the 2 free kegs of beer for everyone hope hope you can take care of it . I’ll find out next year when people ask where’s the free beer motor home
  10. True story: One year the 200 didn't get over until almost midnight. My cousin and I walked to the car in complete darkness Had to stop at the 7-11 near home to get milk for the kid's breakfast. I walked in first, and the girl behind the counter backed up and screamed...."ALMOST ALL THE CASH HAS BEEN DROPPED INTO THE SAFE!" It was then I saw my cousin's face as he walked in.....we were wearing hooded sweatshirts and both our faces were jet black as if we used burnt cork as a mask......she thought we were going to rob her!!! LOL
  11. Interesting how that works both ways.
  12. Jakes won 20g at Fonda and went home with his car all in one piece. Smart decision by him not going to the crash fest at Oswego.
  13. HighPlainsDrifter

    ARRA Meeting of the Minds

    Mike Monnat...now where have I heard that name before?
  14. Get there early, watch all the cars come through the 4th turn gate on open trailers, you could actually see the backstretch and turns when they raced.
  15. Bob that sounds a lot like NASCAR
  16. That’s about how deep the clay is at most tracks.
  17. Hey Rob it’s the 48 ft motor home spot we had 2 kegs of beer for everyone good luck

  18. Personally looking at the hole in turn 3 afterwards, clay is probably 6-8 inches deep.
  19. Not disagreeing but how much of an uptick can you get since this year had 100+ sportsman, 80+ 358s and 80+ big blocks!!!
  20. Members of Auto Racing Research Associates (ARRA) - met up with other racing historians today in Binghamton,NY for a lunch meeting and to exchange various publications that have been donated to the cause. Attending the meeting today were, clockwise from bottom left are ARRA member Mike Monnat, ARRA member Thomas Schmeh, historian Dr. Gary George, historian Rollyn Messemer, historian and former Southern Tier modified driver Mark Terry, ARRA Co-Founder Bill Hanna and ARRA Co-Founder Fred Voorhees.
  21. Like the Eastern States 200 used to be? 8:00am to 11:00pm. No bullshit yellow laps, boom boom boom, 1-2-3.
  22. So instead we had a 200 lap race that was by all accounts horrible. Not a great way to showcase the sport. And this says nothing of the backside of the story which involves time and money that goes into it. Heck, just to do a pit stop you need a minimum 3 guys in synch. This takes practice and that’s not something you just show up on Sunday afternoon and get right. Plus there is a safety aspect and when you watch Mandy’s video of guys flying through the pits it’s a mess waiting to happen. I respect differing opinions I just think the current format is what happened at Augusta National; in an effort to tiger proof the course they ended up making it so that it played right into his hands. Same deal here; it is playing right into the big $$$ team hands
  23. How deep is the clay? They may be why they didn't do it.
  24. If you’ll notice, I mentioned a lot of ifs when it came to support divisions. You could absolutely go with no support divisions, because chances are with a one day show for all of the current SDW divisions, you’ll see a pretty big uptick in car counts in all of them.
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