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  4. In the Shadows

    Rainouts 6-15

    Fulton, Thunder Mountain, Merritville, Brockville, Drummond.
  5. WheelsUpHammerDown10

    Rainouts 6-15

    Land of Legends
  6. Thanks but this is a group effort. The real work is all those individuals willing to donate money to honor a great man!!!!! We've been fortunate to have a significant number of sponsors who have been involved since the 1st event .. plenty more who have joined along the way and continue to donate. Without all of the sponsors this event wouldn't be possible!!!!!
  7. This week was the first time I have gone this year. I will be back this Friday though. Think Friday nights for the rest of the year for me and maybe a Saturday night once in a while if we have no plans
  8. It would be nice to no ticket prices and be able to order tickets
  9. If I was told the truth on the food policy the reason it is in place is because management had to get outside vendors to do the food I’ll leave the rest to speculation 🤔
  10. Flach and mueller have been the show this year. I’d say Flach will end up with the title at the end of the year
  11. I guess it must have been humid out? A fast track that wasnt slick as ice, windy out and sprint cars who dry tracks out yet they had a fast track with a cushion
  12. Don’t sweat it man. There is always that 1 guy. 🤷‍♂️
  13. No outside food. But they let you bring in beer. That seems like a fair trade to me 😛 . Love PA
  14. The way racing oughta be... no bullshit dry slick crap. The sprints were turning laps in the feature between 98 and 102 mph on the 4/10 oval. And the mods were turning laps in their feature in the 86-87 mph range. Fast track WITH passing! Fun to watch.
  15. Visited Big Diamond last night for this show for the first time in a number of years. I stayed away so long due to their ability to turn a 2 1/2 hr show into a 4-5 hr show after starting at 8 PM. Also due to the track being crap which made for a horrible race. Things have definitely changed at Big D !! Show started right on time at 7:45, with very little down time. They had a “meet & Greet “for the street stocks, but also had the modified drivers pick for their starting spot at the same time, thus reducing down time. We watched a 20 lap street stock(roadrunner, who knows) feature, 40 lap modified feature and all qualifying events and still walked out of the track at 10:06 PM ! The biggest surprise to me was the new clay added to the track ! The entire track has that orange clay that looks just like Lincoln Speedway. Stayed tacky and held moisture all night. ZERO stones, no dust, no rubber on the track that could be seen. Made for great racing from a fan’s standpoint. Yeah, they still have that silly “no outside food allowed” policy, but with the quality of cars, and track conditions, it’s very easy to look by that one little speed bump. Looking forward to returning in a couple of weeks !
  16. Is he not a jr? Sorry if that's the only thing you have to complain about
  17. Looking at lap times KF was a rocket. Ronnie Johnson held up Matty D, Mahaney was good but wasnt the best car. Mike just got to the front first. Jackie Brown and Elmo coming together, while no surprise, killed Flachs an Delorenzos chances. A caution around lap 20 would have changed the outcome of the race.
  18. Keith was definitely the show. He was on a rail. Last to 3rd in 33 laps before the first caution flag. He needed that yellow to fly a few laps earlier. Glad I decided to hit Malta this week.
  19. Good to see Mahaney get on the right track too but Keith was the show for sure.
  20. Anybody that was able to go to Albany Saratoga Speedway last night really received a show from Keith Flach Jr. It all started with a roll over in the heat (went over 2 or 3 times from what I saw) that destroyed his car. He then brought out his back up car for the feature and started 24th(LAST)! He then rode the high side most of the race picking cars off every lap,then he caught up to the champ(Brett Hearn) running the same line and made quick work of him moving around the bottom of the track.He then jumped to his preferred line (topside) and was able to get by Ronnie Johnson for 3rd. Just as he was working for 2nd on Matty Delorenzo the caution came out. Which was gonna help him I believe especially starting on the bottom behind Mike Mahaney. He was able to get a great restart but the caution flew that same lap (33/35). Single file they went for the last two,he was able to get by Matty for a lap but Matt came back for 2nd. He finished 3rd with a great run! He was definitely fun to watch. Thanks for a great show Keith Flach Jr.#43
  21. Great work with this Scott. Some great money up for grabs. Hope you have a great turnout for it and it goes off great. Wish I could say I was going to be there to see it.
  22. 🏁👓❤️Today Is The Day We Honor Bill Ag!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU to each and every sponsor for making the Bill Ag Modified Elimination Race such a special and unique race!!!!! Without each of you this would not be possible.....❤️👓🏁 Now Let's Have Some Fun Tonight!!!!! $1,200 to win the Final Round....that's right 2 laps for $1,200!!!!! Over $3,500 if a driver were to sweep the 5 rounds!!!!!! Over $5,300 to be paid for Elimination Race and Modified Heat Race and Feature Bonuses!!!!! 🏁💰 FINAL UPDATE 6/13💰🏁 Saturday June 15th The Bill Ag Modified Elimination Race Win And You're In Winner-$200 and In The Elimination Event $100 Zach Dufel $100 DirtTrackDigest Loser-$100 DirtTrackDigest Round 1- $525 $250 Rick and Tom Kietlinski $100 Parks Companies/Tadd Parks $75 Jay DeTraglia $50 In Memory of Wayne Hazzard $50 Chrissy Anagnostopulos Round 2- $737.12 $512.12 In Memory of "Featherfoot" Don Rose Camp Can Opener Pat Rose/Bill Rose/James Yesse/Brad Scanlon/Chris J Brown/Chris Kocjan $100 Parks Companies/Tadd Parks $75 Jay DeTraglia $50 Chrissy Anagnostopulos Round 3- $525 $250 Harry and Shelly Shaffer $100 Chrissy Anagnostopulos $100 Parks Companies/Tadd Parks $75 Jay DeTraglia Round 4- $525 $250 Swagger Factory Apparel/Michael Jackson $100 Chrissy Anagnostopulos $100 Parks Companies/Tadd Parks $75 Jay DeTraglia Final Round- $1,200 $1,000 DirtTrackDigest Mike Mallett/Gt Smith/George Smith $100 Jay DeTraglia $100 Parks Companies/Tadd Parks $100 1st driver eliminated- Sheila Dornburg $100 2nd driver eliminated- One Zee Tees $100 3rd driver eliminated- Gary and Cindy Eckerson $100 4th driver eliminated- Mimi Lazzaro $100 Final driver eliminated- Mohawk Valley Vintage Dirt Modifed Series/Laurie Fallis Final Driver Chosen By Draw- $100 donated by Dirt Modifed Nostalgia Tour/Thomas Coughlin Last Man Left(Last Driver Chosen For Final Round) $100 In Memory of Vern Wagoner- donated by Pat Rose Fastest Elimination Race Lap- $100 donated by Larry Wrobel Sr. 1st Heat Race Winner- $100 One Zee Tees 2nd Heat Race Winner- $100 In Memory of Bill Ag 3rd Heat Race Winner- $100 In Memory of Bill Ag 7th Place Modified Feature- $100 Chrissy Anagnostopulos 16th Place Modified Feature- $100 Chrissy Anagnostopulos Modified Feature Hard Charger- $100 In Memory of Bill Ag Oversized Winner's Check Donated by JK Motorsports Concepts and Sign Design/Jeff Karabin
  23. Here it is! Unveiling the 14th Annual Hondo Classic shirt! Thanks to Justin Lansing Designs and GFab Graphx. We are two weeks away from the big day and still have sponsor opportunities available. If you’d like to sponsor a lap for $25 let Kaitlyn Keefe or me know either on here, email kellkeefe@aol.com or call (518) 527-8667.
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