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  2. Holy hijacked thread, Batman. Michael Storms confirmed with their new big block
  3. You have to consider between Paul and Ron and Brockville and Cornwall. The clay surfaces itself may have a different consistency. And when switching tracks it takes a bit of time working with what you have.
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  5. Ever been to Thunder Mountain, Penn Can, Accord or Five Mile Point? They make Canandaigua look like a paved track.
  6. Ya I was looking up all the prices for Knoxville a few months ago but it happens it been on the same dates as the family vacation this year so we are planning on next year. Just hope it’s warm and dry or my tent will be soaked. Have to save money someplace right.
  7. I am a semi regular at Outlaw. On regular 7 division show nights the modifieds run their feature second. If not third. (I LIKE THIS) choices to stay, or not On 6/7 The All Star Circuit of Champions ran their feature first of all. The big blocks second.
  8. That's exactly the opposite of what I hear all the time from a couple people I know that go there weekly or at least several times a year. My home track had a 7 division show done last week by 9:45, and the modified feature took the checkers in the daylight. I was told at 8:45 last week the heats at Outlaw weren't done. I also constantly hear of them starting late. Who's lying? Nevertheless, I will buy the show on DTD TV and enjoy it from my home and wake up the next day rested for work. When I start hearing they get their shows done in a timely manner from more than just you, I will make the trip.
  9. I said the same about Syracuse for years regarding pricing. Then Oswego. But people still go On the other point. I have always wanted to go to Knoxville. Tickets are not at all what seems out of reach. Its the room and board, the travel, etc....
  10. There is a fairly large pit grandstand in turn two. There is a pit/work and staging area just in front of it... Lots of room and lots of people in it
  11. Definitely hard to get new fans interested. Then throw a face full of dirt at them. You have zero chance to get them to return.
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  13. As a fan I don’t care if they are paying $10,000 to win $20,000, $50,000, or $100,000. Im just a dirt track racing fan. Idk. Some people get so excited over how much a race is paying. Does that make it a better race? Don’t get me wrong it’s great that they want to pay all this money out but as a family man it’s just not in a normal family’s budget. I was looking forward to the weekend with my son but we will pass For that amount of money I could go to the Knoxville Nationals which has always been my dream to go to. Next year that dream is finally going to become reality. To you guys that do attend I hope it’s a great weekend and race
  14. Are their Grandstands in the Pit area to watch from ? Just wondering in case I decide to go in the Pit area. This will be my first time at Outlaw. Thanks in advance.
  15. Dust is not for everyone no doubt. But heck , for 21 years I worked at a place waaaayy dustier than any race track I have ever visited. I did go with two semi-newbies to the All Stars race at Outlaw. They ended up scared off by the dust. Wanted to leave early. I had given thought earlier to maybe suggesting the Weedsport show instead? Less divisions. But these people live a couple miles south of Geneva. so... I was not sure which way to go. I ask people all the time to go. It is hard getting new fans interested
  16. I've been around dirt tracks 40 years and raced for 20 years. Pretty sure I have a good idea on what tracks are dustier than others. And it's an unbiased opinion. It may not be much dustier than most tracks but the location of the grandstands coupled with breeze seemingly always in the face of fans makes it a track I'd never go to more than once or twice a year. I feel like someone is throwing dirt on me with a shovel every lap.
  17. Canandaigua is not that dusty....there are plenty of tracks within 2 hours of cny that are far worse on dust. There are very few tracks within that distance that will provide as much action as canandaigua.
  18. It’s just a comparison to a huge show and ticket prices.
  19. Matt Sheppard Erick Rudolph Anthony Perrego Billy Decker Matt Williamson Mike Gular Andy Bachetti Stewart Friesen Alan Johnson Danny Creeden DH Alan Johnson
  20. The dust that night was the worst it has been all year. They started that feature in the bright sunshine and nobody could see a thing. They ran 1 lap, saw it was bad, stopped the race and went back out with the water trucks and packers. Then they brought out the full fendered cars because traditionally, they don't kick up as much dust. When the sun finally sank below the tree line, they brought out the Sportsman cars to re-run that lap and the rest of the feature. All I am saying is, if that level of dust is bothersome, you might want to go to Lancaster or Oswego on Saturday nights.
  21. 19 358s, (up from the 13-15 last year), 30 sportsman and 10 novice sportsman. Not bad for such a rural area considering what other tracks are drawing.
  22. So at Eldora for the World 100...3 days worth of reserved seats are $113, 3 day pit pass is $103. Camping is $59 reserved for the week but no hookups. Twin 25 lap features on Thursday paying $10,000 to win, twin 25 lap features on Friday paying $10,000 to win and Saturday's World 100, 100 laps paying $100,000 to win.
  23. It is a record setting purse for modifieds it wasn't going to be a cheap front gate
  24. Whatttt?? Not following the logic ! Been to Grandview for the USAC show, fabulous ! Went to Big D for the 40 lapper last week, well run,with great racing !
  25. What we are trying to say is your calling people out for complaining about the prices for Ocf. But yet you did a lot of complaining about rainouts & late nights @ Big Diamond. To each their own I guess.
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