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  2. That is another worthy race to mention. Pauch did make the pass on Danny for the lead with a couple to go, but had to go back to second due to a caution. I think a lot was made of the Alan Johnson dead heat that wasn't was because it is shady to tell people that there was a dead heat when the entire grandstands saw that it really wasn't. Who are you going to believe, DIRT or your lying eyes? LOL There would have been less backlash if DIRT would have just added Alan as a past winner instead of making up the phony dead heat story.
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  4. GasketCase

    Chris Hile

    Somehow I forgot about this incident and rant. This was just another case of the man trying to keep a brother down ...
  5. Hey Scott Norwood, He was doing his Scott Norwood Imitation🏈
  6. I got the highest score? With accidentally putting Phelps twice? Cool beanz. I always sucked at it when I did it regularly.
  7. WheelsUpHammerDown10

    The Year of Mat Williamson continues!

    Another great video from Ross Wece at WRG: https://youtu.be/T9o-MU4ppgo
  8. Forgive my ignorance, but what is the reason that Eastern States is not a Super DIRTcar series race anymore? I thoroughly enjoyed the strategy and races at Oswego this year and I'd love to see more of the "200" lap races. I guess I'm just stuck in the olden days with Lebanon Valley, Rolling Wheels, Syracuse, Fonda and Orange County all being 200 laps, even others for a bit. I wish we had more. I really miss the Super DIRT Series races at the end of year as it was truly the 2nd part of the season. Also, Orange County has had an aggressive schedule this year. I hope it paid/pays off for them and we see more of it.
  9. Will the Eastern States be on line for viewing?
  10. No doubt. I was saying Williamson and Rudolph being in the top tier and I think Susice, Bowman and Lindberg have made themselves known over the past few seasons at Super Dirt Week and when the touring series' head west.
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  12. BTB...you bring up an interesting part of research that a few of us historians have bantered back and forth about in the past. I am off my computer right now but I will try to get on tomorrow and dedicate some time to answering you.
  13. 2nd but close enough, lol..... should have ran friesen a little harder and probably would have won
  14. How about the solid representation in the 358/BB by the Niagara region/at SDW! Williamson Susice, Bowman, Lindberg all made the the show for the 150, Williamson Lindberg Susice all made the show for the 200!
  15. I would go with the 1989 SDW race. I am probably biased because Alan was my favorite driver at the time and still is. But several other things enter my mind. First, even though it was not 300 miles, (300k I believe). The race was called the MIller 300 at the time. Which seemed to me to be a big deal sponsorship wise.. The whole deal back then was bigger and better. Mille High Life, Ground Round , A plus , Universal Joint Sales. etc. Probably missing a few. But The WoO was still there on Sat. also super modifieds on dirt(universal joint) Secondly, a big deal was made of Alan not finishing in a dead heat to get in. But who does not think he would of been added in anyway?? Thirdly , the finish with Danny and Cozze. Then Blaney in the Billy Taylor car with a flat left front More, remember TNN and American Sports Cavalcade? The race was replayed several times. I still have the VCR tape. And then how about the TV shot and interview at the end with Alan sitting in the brand new truck and trailer that was awarded to him in addition to the $50,000. Several years later I believe he was still using the trailer. My vote has to go to this one^^ The reason I mentioned the last race on dirt at Flemington. The Sammy Shine 200. Just because that was the last one there and the odds on favorite had to be Pauch SR. Every time Danny tried to get around him on the outside though, sparks would fly. The majority of those sparks off the outside rail. 😆. Good times, Still have one of those little jars of dirt they were selling
  16. Great list. I was a little kid then and I’m lucky to have gone to 4 of the races you listed. 1985 ES 200 was amazing, Jack from a provisional to take the win. Id probably say 1989 SDW would win out given the prestige of the race, the controversy of Danny and Cozze wrecking and the last to first Alan storyline.
  17. I didn't get to see some of the races you guys are talking about. I love when people on hear talk about the old races . I didn't start going racing until the mid to late 90's. So please keep bringing up the old days, Just breadind about them I try to picture the race in my head as if I was there. I just love hearing about old race's.
  18. Just curious: How do the sportsman/358 races at super dirt week count? Originally you had to win a qualifying race (held at various tracks) to get in, then it was win a qualifying race or time trial in, and then one year it was only open to DIRT members (USNA drivers not welcome).
  19. Was not able to make the SDW this year but did watch it on Flo Racing. Yes the track was slick.....yes a hole in turn 4..... yes to many caution laps ....... yes some train racing at times........ yes not sure why pits not open sooner....... but with all that was I still entertained...... YES. I been to many of the SDW at the mile and that is gone now, so we have a new home at Oswego...... What SDW main Sunday race to me is. Those 40 plus drivers all want to win it.... win that race badly. And all 40 plus have a chance too when they take that green flag. The 40 best dirt mod drivers that have to deal with the slick track, the dust, the hole, the pits. I hope this race does not go away. It’s special...... day, night, slick, tacky, late, in the sun, in the cold..... 40 drivers lay it all out to try to win this damn thing..... just ask Mat W. and that is what I love about SDW 200.
  20. I thought for quite a while about this one, and I'm still thinking. I would throw out for consideration the Eastern States 200 when both Lou Lazzaro and Kevin Collins were running out of fuel on the last lap. I just remember it was crazy and The Monk won.
  21. "I'm just happy to be alive!" - Brett Hearn when asked if he was happy finishing third.
  22. This kinda turned from "famous" races to "great" races, so I'll mention a few ... Lebanon Valley - 1971. Corellis wins the LV 100 with his regular, small block, Saturday night car against some of the greatest ever with their fuel injected big blocks. engines ... Pete Corey, Kenny "The Shoe", Will Cagle, Frankie Schneider, Bill Wimble, and a handful of other Hall Of Famers were in it. He passed Cgle and Whip Mulligan on the final lap, taking the lead in the third turn. The first time Corellis ran the #57. His car died in the heat race, so the Hughes Brothers offered theirs. He started last in the 100 lap Race of Kings, (provisional as track champ), and lapped the field. 1975 I believe. (I'm told by Brian Bedell this might not have been the race of kings). Fonda - Stewie winning the initial Firecracker 50 this year (2019) by squeezing between Matt and the wall. Mike Mahaney ... an almost unknown at the time, coming to the Ice Jam ... his first time ever at Fonda ... and winning. People called it a fluke. The next time he came, he won again. Skeptics silenced. ... 2013? Malta - 2011? Keith Flach was mopping up the field. No one had anything for him. A caution comes out. On the restart, Jack Johnson managed to get to run him down, and after several hard fought laps, wrestle the lead from him. Brett Hearn ran them both down and took second from Flach. As Hearn took the lead from Johnson, Flach went with him and got back into second. From there it's a blur because they each had the lead at least one more time, with Hearn winning, Johnson second and Flach third. ... For years I have told Keith it was more impressive than any of his wins, and as much as it sucked to lose like that, he held his own against two of the best ever. ... I would imagine that anyone who was there remembers that race.
  23. Ok again just to clarify, the car Danny drove was actually the car I had been running that season and had some wins with, we were actually trying out a BRP rear coilover car for that race, but the car he ran was as good as anything there in my mind. Still a great feat though!! Yes March of 2004. That was an awesome race, we ran basically side by side for 75 laps. I still haven't seen a video of it though. My other nomination would be the 1979 SDW where Jack Johnson won!
  24. One of my clearest racing memories is that race when Danny went to pass Gary and he gave him a friendly swerve toward his car on the front stretch, like “hey man, how about this?.”😃
  25. If Mat had run all of the races at Merrittville, he would have easily locked it up. With two less races than the rest of the field he was only 34 points out. 7 wins in 12 races and top 5s in the rest of them. But yes I agree the Niagara region has a great group of drivers including two of the best in the business right now.
  26. Wasn't there a race at hagerstown that Gary Tomkins and Tim Fuller did battle back and forth the whole race. 2004 maybe
  27. The first Super Dirt Week held at Oswego merely for the track conditions and ensuing carnage.
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