Laubach Outlasts Field to Score Win at Georgetown – DTD Exclusive


Rick Laubach made a choice early in the night that effected every choice he made during Saturday night’s Mid-Atlantic Championship 40-lap feature at the Georgetown Speedway. Laubach elected to go softer on tire compound which forced him to race conservatively. Luckily for him it paid off as he scored the $4,000 triumph.

Ryan Godown was able to wrangle the lead away from Laubach in traffic. Godown was pulling away before a late race caution for Duane Howard who suffered a flat. Under the caution, Godown suffered the same fate handing the lead to Laubach. Laubach then kept a hard charging Danny Johnson behind him to earn the win.

“I was just trying to save my tires because I went with soft tires,” commented Laubach. “I know everyone else probably went with hards. Maybe Godown had the same thing I did and his went bald and blew. It was good for us. I started on the pole and had my plan not to overdrive. I just drove as hard as I could when I had to. When Godown got by me and got away I wasn’t going to fight that battle. I saw Danny (Johnson) and I had to try a little harder to fight that battle. It worked out.”

Other than the tire selection, Laubach used the two-day event as a test in order to gain knowledge going forward. He tried a different setup than he’d traditionally run while also using a new carburetor.

“I kind of used this weekend as a test,” he said. “I tried stuff on my car. People, if they knew how my car was setup, they would think I’m nuts. I tried a different carburetor that we got at Oswego. I didn’t want to run it at a race so I put it on for warmups today. It made my car a hell of a lot better. This was a bonus. There are things better for the future and a win. That is a good thing.”

Laubach ran Gary and Lori Herrmann’s No. 7 car on Saturday night. The team has seen limited action so far in 2016 so Laubach made the choice to bring the car south to The First State.

“They haven’t been to a race all year,” he said of the car owners. “Lori has lung cancer. She’s on the road the recovery, but it’s hard for her. We won in Florida, we won at Bridgeport and then we didn’t run the car from halfway on. That is why I came. I really didn’t want to come for a big-block two day program but I wanted to race this car. I figured we’d come down and race. We went to the beach today and hung out.”

Laubach has been competing the last several weeks in the Petruska Racing No. 66. Most recently the team made the trek to Charlotte for the World Finals. Upon returning home the team needed some time to regroup so that aided Laubach’s choice. Going forward he has multiple teams at his disposal so he hopes to balance them to run as many races as he can in 2017.

“Those guys needed a break, we’ve been racing for a month,” stated Laubach. “They have to catch up on work. This is far for them. This is what could be really good for the future here. This car I can travel with, maybe that one can run a track and it makes my life easier and I can race more. It’s easier on them because they aren’t trying to come here. I have four rides, in all reality they could all work together and I could have an awesome year.”

Laubach will be hoping to ride the momentum from Saturday’s win this week at the Bridgeport Speedway during their two-day racing weekend.

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