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Makin Tracks: There Won’t Be Another Day at the Fairgrounds – DTD Exclusive

By BILL FOLEY Walking past Casey Shuman’s Silver Crown car I noticed “Ascot” t-shirts hanging there for sale. Growing up a national poll said the top three short tracks in America were Ascot Park, Williams Grove and Oswego. As a kid I dreamed of seeing Ascot Park, but California was so far away that there was no way I was ever going to get there. By the time I was able to afford it, Ascot was gone. During the past weekend I ran, wrote, watched and enjoyed, but I never had a chance to reflect. I have watched the death…More

A Time to Reflect – DTD Exclusive

By DEAN REYNOLDS In my years of writing I usually had a policy to keep the word I out of my offerings. Don’t really know why but I just did. This time, please excuse me and hope you will allow me to do a 180… I have 36 consecutive years going to the New York State Fairgrounds and take in Super DIRT Week. That’s 36…Years. I’ll never forget that day in 1979 when my dad said, “Let’s go to Syracuse.” We all know that it came to a final end this past Sunday night…Stewart Friesen is the man fortunate enough…More

NAPA Super DIRT Week Sportsman Modified Winner Found in Violation of Rules During Post-Event Inspection

SYRACUSE, N.Y. – Oct. 13, 2015 – The DIRTcar Sportsman Modified driven by James Michael Friesen in Sunday’s DIRTcar Sportsman Modified feature event at NAPA Super DIRT Week was found to be in violation of DIRTcar rules. The car was disqualified for violating DIRTcar Rule 15.1, which prohibits alterations to the Chevrolet Performance engine, including tampering with seals. The penalty includes the loss of points and earnings from Sunday’s race, and awards Rocky Warner with the victory. Friesen is suspended from DIRTcar competition for 12 months and may apply for reinstatement on Oct. 11, 2016. Section 12 of the DIRTcar…More

Friesen stripped of Syracuse glory; DIRTcar names new winner

History is being re-written following post-race inspection from Sunday’s DIRTcar Sportsman Modified championship at the Finale at the Fairgrounds. James Michael Friesen celebrated victory in the 30-lap Sportsman modified event holding the trophy and addressing the huge Super DIRT Week crowd. As part of the inspection process engines were removed from more than one of the top-five finishers. Many hours later  it was deemed Friesen’s engine was illegal, and DIRTcar is stripping Friesen of his win. The decision will mean Rocky Warner becomes the first ever repeat winner in the 17-year history of the Sportsman championship. Warner first won the event…More

One Last Win for Friesen and Daley at the Moody Mile – DTD Exclusive

By MIKE MALLETT For the fourth time in his career Stewart Friesen hoisted the trophy as a winner of the Syracuse 200 at the New York State Fairgrounds. Of course it’s a bittersweet win as this is set to be the final edition of Super DIRT Week to be held at the famous mile oval. It was only fitting that the car Jeff Daley owned No. 44 won the 44th and final chapter of the historic race. It was an emotional day for everyone involved, including Friesen, who is as much a student of the history of racing as a…More

Mahaney Wires the Field at Rolling Wheels Raceway

(Josh Becker Photo) ELBRIDGE, NY – Mike Mahaney ended his Super Dirt Week by pocketing a cool $4,000 in the rescheduled 358 modified 35 lap feature at Rolling Wheels Raceway Park. Mahaney used his outside starting spot to get the jump on pole sitter Ryan Arbuthnot and pulled away to lead every lap. Arbuthnot would get close but could never make the pass in the caution free event. “I didn’t know how far behind he was, so I kept searching making sure I didn’t miss something,” said Mahaney. “This is a great way to end the week,” The battle for second…More

Mark Smith Closes out DIRT Week with 360 Shootout win at Rolling Wheels

By DEAN REYNOLDS ELBRIDGE, NY – Sunbury, Pa’s Mark Smith was hired by Quebec’s Patrick Vigneault to run some events with the Lucas Oil Empire Super Sprints (ESS) in 2015. On Sunday night, he took the lead from Mike Stelter and went on to win the 360 Shootout at the Rolling Wheels Raceway Park. It was Smith’s second win with Vigneault and worth a cool $3,000. The event run with the 358 modifieds was originally slated for Friday night, but persistent drizzle forced the program to be run on Sunday closing down Super DIRT Week activities. The field which pitted…More

Friesen makes history as the final winner on the Historic Syracuse Mile – DTD Exclusive

By JOHN DOUGLAS Emotions ran high Sunday as the final race event was held on the Syracuse Mile. 112 years of history came down to 200 laps and no one was expecting anything less than one final piece of history to be made. Stewart Friesen made that historic trip to victory lane, and he did it in exciting fashion. Fans and teams alike knew the importance of this final race and as it took the green flag Larry Wight and Stewart Friesen led the way. Quickly Wight took the lead, and began to drive away in what looked to be…More

The Finish Line Chaplain – Freeze Frame – DTD Exclusive

Broken records and historic feats framed the last two days of Super Dirt Week. Paul McMahon set a torrid pace in the STP World of Outlaws time trial session at Rolling Wheel Raceway when the tour invaded the Elbridge NY oval on Saturday night. By circuiting the track for his qualifying times without lifting he was recorded with the fastest speed attained on a dirt track anywhere in the world in a sprint car at an average speed of 145.27 MPH. Sunday two family members parked their cars in victory lane at Syracuse, as James Michael Freisen won the 30…More

SDW – Day 6 -The Finale Final Countdown; Friesens’ Ice Fields – DTD Exclusive‏

By BILL FOLEY “Let’s make this old lady proud,” said Dave Farney as he spoke at the Sportsman drivers meeting on Sunday morning. This is the final day for “the old lady” and it is generating a mixture of emotions. CEO Brian Carter told everyone earlier this week to basically savor the weekend and have fun. Others liken Sunday to a funeral with the parting of an old friend. The “Finale at the Mile” was the official moniker, but I like “The Final Mile”. It was typical Syracuse with the fact that it was a major league event, but like…More