Tyler Dippel Runs His Third Mile of Year in his Syracuse Debut – DTD Exclusive


Just 15-years-old and he is ready to run his first event at the Moody Mile.

Tyler Dippel is a sophomore at Wallkill High School. However, this weekend he will be a big block and small block competitor at a different type of educational institution…the Syracuse Mile.

The teenager isn’t exactly nervous as he said, “I enjoy big tracks like Orange County, Bridgeport, Rolling Wheels and Lebanon Valley and am looking forward to running here at Syracuse.”

The Syracuse Mile might be new to him, but the length isn’t abnormal. Explaining he noted, “I ran two ARCA races on the miles at Springfield and DuQuoin.”

Those cars might weigh nearly 3,400 pounds and are significantly different from the big block Modified, but the getting use to the flat miles is an important first step to the initiation for this weekend.

Dippel has come a significantly long way in a very short time.

“I started racing when I was around seven-years-old. I ran the slingshots and then had my first modified race when I was 13,” said Dippel.

He has adapted quickly to the modified and explained, “I feel we run so much that I have gained quite a bit of experience. Running so many places really helps me to adapt as we have experienced many different types of tracks and competition.”

The teen doesn’t appear to be intimidated. He is out there with the likes of Billy Decker, Brett Hearn, Tim McCreadie, Jimmy Phelps, and others, but noted, “I just don’t think of the competition. I just want to go out and run the race.”

He comes to the final Super Dirt Week fully loaded with veteran crew chief Matt Hearn. Under the hood of his Teo chassis is a Performance Engine by Billy the Kid (PE also does motors for Friesen and Petruska). Sponsorship comes from D&A Concrete, Prestige Plumbing and Heating, Mohawk Northeast Inc, Buzz Chew Auto Group, and Tycar Trenchless Technology.

This weekend Dippel will be behind the wheel of a big block and small block and he admits, “I really enjoy and look forward to the big block, but the small block is easier to run.”

So while most 15-year-old are playing football, basketball or another scholastic sport Dippel is touring all size race tracks, flat, high banks or whatever as he gains valuable experience. He isn’t looking years ahead to succeed as he appears to be ready to race where ever he goes.