Fallen NYS Trooper Remembered by Maier Racing – DTD Exclusive


“I want to keep his memory alive,” said big block car owner Jim Maier.

This weekend the “memory” of New York State Trooper A.J. Sperr will be emblazoned into the memory of race fans at Super Dirt Week.

Nine years ago Trooper Sperr was killed in the line of duty, but Jim Maier has a place in his heart for a man who wasn’t only a law enforcement officer, but a very, very close friend.

The state police colored 31M will be in big block competition with Jimmy Maier behind the wheel. The Maier’s field a regular mount at the Canandaigua Motorsports Park, but the family really wanted to do something special for this weekend.

Pilat Graphics created and produced the art work on the machine and it will definitely stand out at the Moody Mile.

Jim said, “A.J. worked for us on our farm (H.A. Farms) from the time he was 14 years old until he graduated from high school.”

You can tell that memories of A.J. are still very much alive in Maier’s mind. He said, “I had this idea for some time, but decided this was the weekend to do it and put him in front of the crowd.”

Maier vividly remembers the details of the death of the trooper.

He explained, “It was nine years ago and A.J. was shot in Big Flats. Two guys had robbed a bank and he pulled them over. They came out shooting and as he was backing up he was hit under his vest and later passed away.”

Maier said of Sperr, “He was a super nice guy who loved the outdoors and hunting. “ It was obvious that Maier missed him.

This weekend the 31m with a motor prepared by Tom Maier and hopefully will garner one of the berths in this year’s 200 to put A.J. Sperr in front of thousands of race fans on Sunday afternoon.