Modified racers unite to create change at Syracuse – their bitches were heard

DTD Exlusive – By Bill Foley

Emotions boiled over a bit shortly after 11 a.m. this morning.

Several big block drivers and track officials were involved in an animated discussion over the track time the final group of big block drivers received in morning practice.

Driver Vic Coffey noted, “Time trials are lined up on practice time and in our last session no one was really up to speed and the session ended. Everyone should get the same amount of time on the track for each session.”

Continuing he noted, “The track gets faster as the day goes on so the practice times are important.”

Chief Steward Denis Moquin noted, “We can give them a green-white-checker” as the big blocks were going to get a bit of track time after the 358 practice session.

The big blocks will be headed out back on the track as the press conference was pushed back 10 minutes.

Throughout most of the big block morning practice session Dave Blaney was the quickest, but in the final minutes Billy Decker went back to the top with a 30.455. Top ten in the late morning practice were Decker, Blaney, Matt Sheppard, Tyler Dippel, Larry Wight, Pat Ward, Carey Terrance, Keith Flach, Peter Britten and Ronnie Johnson.

If the track does indeed gets faster then this final group could dramatically change the rundown for big block time trials.

And change it did.

When the final session concluded the top ten were Larry Wight with a 30.196, Billy Decker, Dave Blaney, Billy Dunn, Matt Sheppard, Tyler Dippel, Stewart Friesen, Carey Terrance, Brett Hearn and Pat Ward.