Racers prepared for the final Syracuse 200 at the Syracuse Mile – DTD Exclusive

The sun rose on the Moody Mile for the last time on Sunday, as racers,crews and officials prepared for the final Syracuse 200 on the Mile. Teams made final adjustments and ran their final practice in the morning all while taking a moment to let it all sink in that this indeed was the final Syracuse 200. Some are more sad than others to see it go, but everyone knows how special each lap will be.
Tim McCreadie on his way into the speedway said, “I’ve come here and lost so many times, I won’t miss it. Plus you have to build special equipment for this one race.”
Many other competitors have different feelings on this day. Nostalgia, family memories and amazing racing moments have all rushed back to many long time participants and fans over the week, and it will all culminate in this afternoon’s Finale At the Fairgrounds and the Syracuse 200.