Mahaney Wires the Field at Rolling Wheels Raceway

(Josh Becker Photo) ELBRIDGE, NY – Mike Mahaney ended his Super Dirt Week by pocketing a cool $4,000 in the rescheduled 358 modified 35 lap feature at Rolling Wheels Raceway Park. Mahaney used his outside starting spot to get the jump on pole sitter Ryan Arbuthnot and pulled away to lead every lap. Arbuthnot would get close but could never make the pass in the caution free event.

“I didn’t know how far behind he was, so I kept searching making sure I didn’t miss something,” said Mahaney. “This is a great way to end the week,”

The battle for second through fifth was a tight one as Arbuthnot was able to keep Matt DeLorenzo, Ryan Susice, and Danny Johnson in check. Rick Richner, Bob Henry Jr., Michael Maresca, Rob Humphries, and Brian Gleason rounded out the top 10.

358 Modified 35 Laps

*Feature (35 laps): 1. #33 Mike Mahaney ($4,000),2. #R70 Ryan Arbuthnot, 3. #3D Matt DeLorenzo, 4. #38 Ryan Susice, 5. #27J Danny Johnson, 6. #26 Rich Richner, 7. #2B Bob Henry Jr. 8. #7M Michael Maresca, 9. #85 Rob Humphries, 10. #14G Brian Gleason, 11. #27Z Ray Bliss, 12. #4T Tony Komuda, 13. #02 Roy Bresnahan


Heats (8 laps)

#1: Arbuthnot, Delorenzo, Richner, Maresca, Bresnahan, Bliss

#2: Mahaney, Susice, D. Johnson, Henry Jr. Gleason, Humpheys, Komuda