Racing Road Trips, You Got To Love Them – Brewerton and I-88 – DTD Exclusive


Brewerton and I-88 Speedway will be the focus of this edition for my faithful readers on this wonderful site. Then a quick glimpse of where I will be going next and finally a little on my feelings of the last race at the Fairgrounds.

Last Thursday night I hitched a ride with good friend Ron Ford and set sale for one of the satellite shows during Super Dirt week the “Hurricane 100”at the Brew House and it is the best of the group in my opinion. We arrived just before the time for the gates to open and were able to park at the road edge in the front parking lot so getting out is so much easier which is always a plus. So many of the folks for this race either have been at the mile or this is their starting point of the rest of their weekend.

Congratulations to Danny Johnson 358 Modified feature winner and Rocky Warner for the win in the 602 Crate Sportsman feature. We left right after the Modified feature so didn’t see the Crate feature as we both believed Rocky Warner was going to win and with the one and a half hour drive home and Mr. Ford having to work the next day we were gone.

Danny Johnson captured the win the night before at the Weedsport Speedway and then to double up on Thursday set him up for a good week and the car looked very strong on this night. I-88 and Thunder Mountain Speedway regular Mike Mahaney had a solid fourth place finish in this event after a long night and day making repairs from the night before. I was talking to his Mom in the pits and she was telling me that the frame needed extensive repair after making hard contact with the wall.

Feelings of the last race at the Syracuse Mile from folks at the Brew House. I got the opinion of ten people at Brewerton on this night to get different views of fans to see their feelings on this. I asked them where they go on a regular basis and then their feeling of the last race. I did not ask their last name just their first so here is what they said.

Antonio – I grew up going to the Flemington Fair Speedway but now go regularly to New Egypt. I have some great memories of Syracuse from back in the days I had many drivers to root for but know not so much as less and less have come the past few years. Actually the past three years I have not come but I was not going to miss this one but as I get older I won’t lie I won’t miss it as it is a long expensive week. I will add I feel sad for the younger generation that will not get the chance to experience this in their life time.

Linda – For the most part we attend Fonda Speedway weekly. It is sad to say the least. My husband and I have attended since we got married twenty years ago and not sure what we will do now.

Alex – Brewerton Speedway. I won’t miss it at all to tell you the truth as I went once and just hated it as the track is too big and can’t see and way to expensive. Shut it Down!

Thomas – I attend many races during the year but do not have a home track but spend more time at Hagerstown Speedway than any other. Being a huge Late Model fan I don’t have much feeling either way, and this will be my first ever trip here but looking forward to it so I can add to my tracks attended list. I will say I never want to see a race track close.

Peter – Note here he is the youngest I spoke with who was (11). We go every week to Cornwall Speedway and I love it. My Mom and Dad has gone every year they told me and I have gone the last three years and I will miss it as the camping is fun too.

Bonnie – My husband goes every week to I-88 and Thunder Mountain and I do other stuff. Personally this is the only time I come as we stay here tonight and then head to Syracuse. I will watch tonight until I get cold then go to the camper. I will not miss it at all but he will.

Reggie – Brewerton Baby! It is just a shame what the folks are doing to such an institution as the Mile. It is the only race like it. Those folks should Burn in Hell!

Dave – Lebanon Valley Speedway. So many memories and good times at Syracuse it will be sad and I will probably stay there until they make us go as I am retired and this is what I do. I hate it!

Zane – Canandaigua Speedway weekly. I feel bad for us fans and for the driver’s that enjoy going to something that is totally different than your weekly track. You can’t fight City Hall they say.

Walt – Oswego Speedway. Bullcrap is all I can say. I like speed!

Short Track Super National 8 Weekend at the I-88 Speedway Notes:  I will give you some of the notes I took along the way and write about some of the on track action. Here we go.

Friday the first night of the Halmar International Short Track Super Nationals presented by Olum’s was a nasty night weather wise to say the least. On this first night the headline was the Open vs. Crate Sportsman. Joining them on the card was the Xcel 600cc Modified for a Tour race, the Lightning Sprints, Street Stocks, Front Wheel Drive Four Cylinder Cars and Four Cylinder Trucks. Plus the Modified division had three timed sessions with the top six going into a six-lap dash with the winner automatically advancing to the redraw on Saturday. A total of one hundred twenty six cars were in attendance on a night that would have never of happened if it was a normal race night. Since many fans and racers make plan to camp and hotels they wanted to wait to there was no hope before calling. With improving weather forecast the call was to get it in even though making money probably was not going to happen. Kudo’s to all involved getting this show in.

Congratulations to all the winners and you can read about them in the result section in the forum of this good on track action. The track was heavy with a small berm which makes for exciting racing action. If you race on the edge it is fast but if you get over it then you might take an unwanted ride.

Move of the Night: The award goes to Brian Carber on the final lap of the Xcel Modified feature. Carber is the leader on a restart with two laps remaining and Ritchie Hitzler is lined up beside him as the Tour races are lined up double file style all the time. Hitzler who snookered Carber on the start got a chance to get the top spot back in turn three and four coming to the checker as his Sprint Car prowess showed with a remarkable slide job to get the win. WOW!

Saturday Action: The show early had heats for the GRIT Series 602 Crate Sportsman, another Tour race heats for the Xcel Modified division, Lightning Sprints again on this day plus a feature only for the Vintage cars. Any consolations needed were run and then a break before Modified hot laps were scheduled for 6pm.

Notes: Fifty-four Short Track Super Series (STSS) Modified cars showed to do battle for the eighth of eight scheduled events on the Bob Hilbert STSS Fueled by Hy-Tek championship event. It was the forty-first race either promoted or co-promoted by Brett Deyo who has definitely has become a special race promoting guru by many folks in the know. He has had races at twelve different speedways including four states.

Danny Creeden won the 50-lap feature and know stands second on the win list of Deyo promoted events with four. The North Series champion Stewart Friesen who finished sixth in this event leads the win list at seven. Friesen in victory lane as he received his huge $15,000.00 check for the short eight race series talked about how great that is. You have to appreciate all Deyo does to get the sponsors to make and event winner Creeden both thanked all for coming out to the event and appreciated all that is done for the series.

It was announced the North Series will once again start at the Orange County Fair Speedway in 2016 and the South Series will open again at the Bridgeport Speedway. Deyo still has the 3rd edition of the Gobbler on deck this season in a co-promotion with Gary and Donna Palmer at the Gem of the Catskills the Accord Speedway the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

I will be going Saturday of the Eastern States on October 23-25 for the 358 Modified race and the Capital Region Sprint Car Agency (CRSA) 305 Sprints. Definitely the Gobbler and I will see about anything else.

Before closing as I am getting long here I want to give my take of the last race at the mile. I use to love to go and always looked forward to it as there is no other race like it during the racing season. I personally enjoyed it more when they did not build cars distinctively just for this race as it took the Saturday night racer out of it. I have some great memories from there and some of the last chance races were the best of the races of the year. Recently I have not gone and really don’t miss it and I stayed away Sunday because I know the emotion of it all would have made me very sad. Like some said above I never want to see a track close and wish the state would have put the money up to do a complete makeover of the old girl instead of what it is to become. Trying to get new tracks built are tough but would bet what they are doing could be built on any large partial of land. The officials involved in this I give a resounding BOO! Hopefully the next generation will make memories at the new site and the traditionalist will adjust but we know it can’t be the same. By the way congratulations to all winners this year as that win will be a high point in all your racing memories.

Until next time Race On! Leon can be reached for news, notes and comments at