Tim McCreadie, one of the favorites for the pole position for Sunday’s Billy Whittaker Cars 200, is facing an uphill challenge as just a few hours remain before time trials.

During the late practice session McCreadie turned in the quick time right out of the box, but moments later the car slid up the track between three and four and hit the wall.

Trapped on the infield the Vic Coffey Sweetner’s Plus team went to work and got the car repaired for Tim to get back out late in the session.

However, once again the 39 went into the third turn wall and this time it was substantially heavier than the first.

Tim told DTD, “We really have no idea what is going on. It went through one and two, but both times when I got to turn three the car simply wouldn’t turn. It just would not steer and we don’t know why.”

As the car reached the pits two crew members focused on the right front, two more on the left, one was underneath checking out the rear end and one was in the cockpit while two others and Tim were also involved.

Tim explained, “We need a new front axle and radius rods and the guys are going to check the brakes and will need to look over the rear end.”

McCreadie has to run Lucas Oil Late Model events on Friday and Saturday.

Asked about the importance of getting in today as the top six time trailers are guaranteed, Tim said, “I don’t know really what the deal is at this point. I don’t know how many cars are here and if they will have enough to fill the field. So I really don’t know at this time.”

However, the Sweetner’s Plus team will probably have the car ready for time trials.

The question is, “Will they find the problem that kept the car from turning in turn three?”

They hope so.