Brett Hearn had a Thursday that he would much rather forget.

He time trialed 45th for the Big Block show and 22nd for the 358 show.

Hearn stood just outside his hauler and you could tell he was in deep thought. The usual Brett Hearn smile was missing and for good reason.

It was just one of those days from the very beginning. In fact the bad week continued as he noted, “At Fulton on Saturday night we had a rear end break and at Utica on Tuesday a wheel broke.”

Talking with Dirt Track Digest after Thursday time trials at Oswego, Brett said, “We just didn’t get in sync today. I just didn’t get any practice for the 358. We just didn’t get out there. We fell behind and didn’t get to where we needed to be on time. I did get out late in time trial and managed to qualify 22nd.”

In regards to the big-block practice he finished up ninth overall, but that didn’t help him when it came time for time trials. In the end the result was probably one of the more disappointing of his career as he timed in 45th out of 55 cars.

The track got faster after the early groups and Brett explained, “Early it was greasy and I was out there in one of those early groups.”

Reflecting on time trials he noted, “I sort of think that those who were fast in practice were penalized. I really wish they would go back to the way the time trials were run at Syracuse with the fast cars coming out at the end. Maybe they thought It was an advantage for the faster cars today, but it was almost like we were penalized.”

He qualified back in the field and said, “Maybe the car we are using is not the right one for these track conditions. We are seriously thinking on going to our back up car” for the Friday night qualifying races.

As well tuned and organized as the 20 team is Hearn said, “I really don’t know what happened. If I did it certainly wouldn’t have happened.”