By Bill Foley

St. Catherine’s, Ontario, Mat Williamson is totally focused on Saturday’s Great Outdoors RV 150.

Bringing just the Small Block to Super Dirt Week, Williamson is quite anxious to get racing in tomorrow’s event.

Grinding tires, alongside his trailer, Williamson told DTD, “I really want to win this thing. Anything else will be a major disappointment. If we don’t win it I think it is a matter of something major not going our way.”

Confidence is there, but he’s quick to admit, “With Tim Fuller and Matt Sheppard starting in front of me I’ll have to get past them, but I didn’t come here to finish in second place.”

He gained some of that confidence on Tuesday night as the 358 tour stopped at Utica-Rome to kick off Super Dirt Week action.

He rallied for a win and in doing so made quite an impression passing then runner up Matt Sheppard and leader Stewart Friesen.

Matt noted, “I still can’t believe we won. I was seriously considering ending the night early on. When Brett Hearn pulled off I figured that he knew what he was doing. I was running back in the field and we weren’t running for points. There is a lot of racing for small blocks this week and I was seriously thinking of saving the car for the rest of the week.”

However, he continued on and from being bogged down outside the top ten he started to move late in the race.

His lap times were consistent and really never changed, but suddenly he took a three second lead and within six laps was challenging for second and then the lead.

Mat noted, “I thought maybe I passed Matt and Stew too early. There were still ten laps to go and they could come back and get by me.”

However, Williamson led what in the old days would have been a Niagara Frontier podium sweep with Friesen second and Brewerton winner Chad Brachmann third.

So it was on to the rest of the week and the decision was made to come to Oswego with just the Small Block.

Mat said, “With Fulton being Sunday night and having to work all day Monday we decided to keep the Big Block home. There was going to be more small block racing so that is what we decided to do.”

However, after winning at Utica-Rome the focus began to concentrate on Oswego.

Williamson explained, “I’m a bit worried. Things are almost going too good as the car can’t get much better, but I don’t want to over think this.”

Over the past season Mat has run regularly at Lernerville Speedway and with outstanding success.

When asked why Lernerville, he said, “Lernerville is three and a half hours from us and Brewerton is three and a half hours from us. I have more friends at Lernerville and competition is a bit stiffer at Brewerton. I don’t want to travel three and a half hours to get my ass kicked.”

Looking ahead to 2018 he said, “We are thinking about running Freedom Speedway next year. It is an hour from home and would be a lot easier.”

Well, SDW 2017 hasn’t been as busy as Mat Williamson and his team had planned.

He said in victory lane, “Well, I guess we will drink some beers tonight.”

A year ago he arrived at Oswego with no expectations of what the weekend would be and noted that no matter what happened they brought a lot of beer just in case.

Well, at 5:30 a.m. on Wednesday Mat and his team were finishing reliving the race while parked in the toter at the Weedsport Speedway. That race never happened and the next race for Williamson was going to be this Saturday.

They have a little less beer left now than last year, but they hope to be drinking it on Saturday in celebration and not to drown their sorrows.