The Barker family has been at the Oswego Speedway for decades, but the third generation racer figured he might never get to run at the track where his grandfather and dad competed.

Corey Barker of Fulton, N.Y., is a dirt racer and Oswego was asphalt.

However, all that changed with the demise of the Moody Mile and suddenly Corey had the possibility of fulfilling one of his dreams.

Corey said, “We had the equipment, tires, tool and people to work, but we were strapped financially with some of the fees and tickets. I can’t believe how things came together in the past couple of weeks. Tom Juno of Power Seal took care of a couple of our guys, a friend who is a salesman at Great Outdoors helped out with more, family members helped a couple others and we had it covered. Then last night Chris Cunningham (fellow Sportsman driver) had problems and gave up 10 gallons of fuel. We got here this morning and Vic Coffey said they weren’t running today so they told us to use their four wheeler to move our stuff. I can’t believe the amount of support we’ve received.”

Barker timed in 19th fastest and said, “It’s all right. Gary Tomkins said that this would be a driver’s track and that is how it is shaping up. If it takes rubber by the time we get out there could be multiple grooves to race. It is a nice bitey track and I’m looking forward to it.”

He will start fifth in the third heat tonight, but he is confident.

Corey noted, “I would like to qualify and somehow earn some recognition for what we are doing, but I really want to get in the race. My grandfather drove here decades ago and then my dad drove Supers here from ’82 to ’84. It is neat that I am the third generation doing this. I really wish my grandpa was here as his jaw would be dropping to see what Oswego is like this weekend.”

Tom Juno and Power Seal is on the rear quarterpanel of the 2016 Troyer. Corey noted, “Tom has been great to us. We helped him out when he first came to Fulton this year to race and we parked next to each other. He had really really helped us and I am grateful for his sponsorship.”

This weekend Corey Barker and his dad Johnny Barker Jr. along with his Uncle Jim and cousin Zach are prepping the car for an attempt to get into a dream race for Corey.

Certainly his grandpa will be watching from above.