Sportsman driver Adam McAullife is starting outside of the second row on Sunday morning for the Chevy Performance 75.

Who is Adam McAullife?

Adam said, “He’s a young guy from Gloversville, N.Y., who run Albany-Saratoga and Fonda Speedway. He started racing at four years of age and has driven everything involved in racing except for airplanes.”

Continuing he said, “He’s in his tenth year of Sportsman and has 11 wins and multiple top five and top tens.”

The purple, yellow and black 234 DKM chassis Sportsman will be toward the front of the field when the green flag flies.

He enjoys this event and said, “It’s not Super DIRT Week, but it is Super DIRT Week”.

This is his fifth consecutive Super DIRT Week and he has been quite successful.

Despite how well he’s done Adam seems to have kept under the radar.

He noted, “This is my fifth week and last year we started in the top 15 and finished in sixth place. I also did quite well at Syracuse and had a second in the last year of the Mile.”

He enjoys the atmosphere of SDW and of the second visit to Oswego he explained, “The surface is really good. I like it a bit slippery. I am a time trial guy who likes to qualify and show what I can do. I am a pretty conservative driver and I usually just wait to see what the track will do. I get a little nervous for time trials, but as it turned out we are in a good position to win the race.”

The team doesn’t travel as Adam said, “I am basically a Friday and sometimes Saturday guy.”

McAullife, at 32, has spent his life in racing. He said, “It’s been my whole life. My grandfather Jake and my uncle John raced and in fact my grandfather was at Albany-Saratoga 20 years before I was born.”

Asked about what would make the weekend a disappointment, he said, “I can’t be disappointed as I made the show with so many cars. I will deal with the cards that are dealt to me and as you know anything can happen in racing.”

He doesn’t travel so he hasn’t seen the majority of cars that are in the field or raced against them.

Adam said it doesn’t matter, but “With so many drivers that I haven’t raced against you don’t know what to really expect from them when you are racing with them. I race guys clean and I hope they do the same for me.”

So when the 234 Ed McAullife Trucking, Lourdes Enterprises, J.R. Auto Service, Adirondack Landscaping and Elmo’s Speed Supply machine takes to the track on Sunday morning Adam will be hoping to turn some heads in his fifth straight visit to Super DIRT Week.