OSWEGO, NY – The Sportsman division expanded their usual qualifying procedures to four 15-lap heats over the traditional three due to the nearly 80 car field. Tyler Trump, Ronnie Davis III, , and claimed the four qualifying event victories.

In qualifer one, Rocky Warner seemed well on his way to a dominant win, but under the race’s first caution on lap 11, pulled in with overheating issues. While he rejoined, this handed the lead to Tyler Trump, who held on over the final laps to take the win over Tyler Thompson, another teenager from the Oswego county area.

Qualifer two saw Ronnie Davis III run away and hide over fellow Brewerton and Fulton competitor Todd Root. While Root gave close chase early, Davis walked away en route to the 15-lap win. David Schilling closed in on Root for second in the final laps, but was unable to slip by for the spot.

Connor Cleveland led all 15 in the third qualifer, a race that never saw the caution fly. Jackson Gill held steadily and comfortably in second, while Will Shields and Corey Barker battled hard for third, with Shields coming out on top for the final podium spot.

Alex Lajoie dominated the fourth race for the Sportsman, leading the way in an all-Canadian podium. Behind him, a full straightaway at the finish, was a gaggle of cars led by Brianna Ladoucer and Martin Pelletier. Ladoucer and Martin finished in that order, followed closely by Jeremy Pitcher.

Qualifer 1: 1 Tyler Trump 2 Tyler Thompson 3 Kane Bristol 4 Mike Stacey 5 Nick Krause 6 Kyle Inman 7 Thomas Cook 8 James Friesen 9 Kevin Chaffee 10 C.J. Castelletti Jr 11 Tim Devendorf 12 Jeremy Pitts 13 David Rogers 14 Joe Gosek 15 Jean-Francis Tessier 16 Rocky Warner 17 Keara Backus 18 Dave Marcuccilli 19 Tim Schneider Jr

Qualifier 2: 1 Ron Davis III 2 Todd Root 3 David Schilling 4 Robert Bublak Jr. 5 Jessica Power 6 Cedric Gauvreau 7 Adam Pierson 8 Luke Carleton 9 Chris Burek 10 Rick Miller 11 Jon Miller 12 Willy Decker Jr. 13 Sammy Reakes IV 14 Chris Cayea 15 Ricky Thompson 16 Jake Granacker

Qualifer 3: 1 Connor Cleveland 2 Jackson Gill 3 Will Shields 4 Corey Barker 5 Tom Collins Jr. 6 Jamy Bagor 7 Chris Thurston 8 Michael Stanton 9 Darryl Nutting 10 A.J. Lloyd 11 Alan Fink 12 Brandon Carvey 13 David Dipietro II 14 Wade Christman 15 Clayton Brewer III 16 Alissa Cody 17 Aaron Backus

Qualifier 4: 1 Alex LaJoie 2 Brianna Ladouceur 3 Martin Pellitier 4 Jeremy Pitcher 5 Cody McPherson 6 Nick Heywood 7 Joe Williams 8 Dave Constantino 9 Matt Steffenhagen 10 J.J. Courcy 11 Michael Sabia 12 David Manchester 13 Andrew Wren 14 Ben Bushaw 15 Fred Proctor 16 Tom Richau 17 Adam McAulliffe 18 Torry Stoughtenger