Williamson and Britten Make Late Race Passes for Twin 25 358-Modified Qualifer Wins


OSWEGO, NY – Mat Williamson and Peter Britten split the Twin 25 qualifying events on Friday night, solidifying their spots at the front of the grid for the Great Outdoors RV 150 for the 358-Modified Series.

In the first 25-lap event, front row starters Tim Fuller and Mat Williamson put on a show. While Fuller and his trusty W-16 took off like a rocket early in the race, Williamson closed in as the laps ticked away. By lap ten, Williamson took a peek for the lead, but Fuller held tough as the duo entered lapped traffic. Fuller pulled away briefly, working through the thick traffic with ease, but Williamson made another run as the race passed the ten to go mark.

In the same spot as earlier, Williamson looked for the lead on the bottom of turns one and two with 19 laps completed, but this time, Fuller couldn’t skate away. While the pair battled through the heavy traffic, Williamson went to the middle of the track. The Ontario driver stuck a three wide, through the middle pass with a lapped car on the bottom and Fuller up high coming to complete lap 23, netting Williamson his first lead of the race. Fuller hung with Williamson over the last two laps, but it was Mat Williamson claiming his first Twin 25 win during Super Dirt Week. Billy Dunn charged to third, while Alan Johnson and Pat Ward completed the top five.

Matt Sheppard led the field to the green flag in the second 25-lap affair, taking control over Peter Britten before an early caution on lap four. Another set of cautions and a pair of red flags kept the field together. Once racing finally got under a green flag rhythm, Sheppard jumped out front, but Britten remained hot on his tail. Britten slowly chipped into the advantage Sheppard had built, closing within a car length by lap 10.

Britten showed his nose once to Sheppard, but once the lane was showed to Sheppard, he switched. Britten briefly dropped back as the two worked through lapped traffic, but began to charge once more with ten laps remaining. The two leaders ran two different lanes, darting left and right through traffic. On lap 21, Britten’s stalking paid off, as he rocketed under Sheppard in the middle of turns three and four. Over the last laps, Britten built up a big lead, and Sheppard was left to fend off Stewart Friesen. At the finish, it was Britten also picking up his first Twin 25 win, followed by Sheppard, Friesen, Brett Hearn, and Chris Raabe.

Twin 25 #1: 1 Mat Williamson 2 Tim Fuller 3 Billy Dunn 4 Alan Johnson 5 Pat Ward 6 Gary Lindberg 7 Tommy Flannigan 8 Marc Johnson 9 Danny Johnson 10 Billy Decker 11 Ron Davis III 12 Kenny Tremont Jr. 13 Tyler Meeks 14 Mario Clair 15 Kody Graham 16 Corey Wheeler 17 Steve Bernard 18 Todd Root 19 Rich Scagliotta 20 Alex Therrien 21 Jordan McCreadie 22 Nick Webb 23 Ray Hall 24 Larry Welling 25 Kevin Poitras 26 Roy Bresnahan 27 Shaun Pangman 28 Mike McKerrell 29 Randy Green – DNS

Twin 25 #2: 1 Peter Britten 2 Matt Sheppard 3 Stewart Friesen 4 Brett Hearn 5 Chris Raabe 6 Carey Terrance 7 Billy Whittaker 8 Matt Janiak 9 Mike Butler 10 Erick Rudolph 11 Larry Wight 12 Dominic Buffalino 13 J.R. Heffner 14 Ryan Godown 15 Mike Maresca 16 Chris Stevens 17 Jessey Mueller 18 Brian Sage 19 Michael Parent 20 Matt Woodruff 21 Steve Lewis Jr. 22 Lance Willix II 23 Brandon Sweet 24 Simon Perreault 25 Donnie Elliott 26 C.G. Morey 27 Louis Jackson Jr. 28 Brian McDonald 29 Dillon Stuer – DQ