By Bill Foley

OSWEGO, NY – No one wants to be in the last chance qualifiers, but in the big-block it appeared that it was a mini-feature as numerous time various track champs and multi time feature winners vied for the final nine spots in Sunday’s Billy Whittakers Cars 200.

Sometimes an LCQ can go rather smooth such as the small-block one which saw just a couple of yellows and sent winner Michael Parent along with Lance Willix II, Corey Wheeler, Alex Therrien, Jordan McCreadie, Todd Root, Rich Scagliotta and Nick Webb to the Great Outdoors RV 150.

Simon Perrault will be the 40th starter as a provisional.

In the big-block event there were numerous reds and yellows as everyone was scrambling to get in the show.

At the start pole sitter Brandon Walters got assaulted as outside front row resident Carey Terrance and second row inside runner Alan Johnson jumped to the point.

However, getting the first lap in was a nightmare as initially Roy Bresnahan went around in the backstretch and Cody Bleau caught his right side body panel on Bresnahan’s rear tire.

Seconds later a restart resulted in total chaos in the first turn as Eldon Payne went high, spun and hammered the steel. Meanwhile, Mike Sabia had gotten hit in the frontstretch and his front tire exited into the atmosphere.  Taking action to avoid were Brian Sage, Brian Whittemore, Kevin Poitras and Bodie Bellinger.

The field regrouped only to have Whittemore and Poitras come into contact once again.

Finally lap one was in, but Steve Paine spun between three and four and collected Nick Webb, Daniel Johnson, Poitras and Bresnahan.

That sent Paine to the pits and he returned to 19th starting spot.

The race then took on a rather calmer complexion as on lap nine Poitras backed it into the third turn wall for the only other delay in the race.

The front runners were pulling away and running consistently, but back for the last qualifying spot were Brian McDonald, Walters and Paine.

When the checker flew  it was McDonald in the final qualifying spot, but when he rolled over the scales suddenly Paine was in the field for Sunday’s event as the 151 was too light.

Qualifiers included winner Carey Terrance, Alan Johnson, Danny Johnson, Tommy Flannigan, Ryan Godown, Frank Cozze, Jessey Mueller, Dan Humes and Steve Paine with Walters getting the provisional.

There is just one spot left and that will be filled later Saturday night at the Fulton Speedway with the win and your in Modified finale.