The Halmar Team unloaded the DKM chassis from the trailer early Sunday morning as the decision was made to load last year’s winning car.

Halmar Crew Chief Eric Mack told DTD, “We decided to go to the back up car. We had some problems with the car we’ve been using this weekend.”

The car did not appear to be handling as well as the team desired.

Stewart Friesen is seeking his fourth consecutive victory in this event.

Mack noted that the parked car was a solid machine and that “even though it is a five year old Teo chassis it is still very good.”

One of the major things that helped the Halmar Team make the decision was the starting spot.

Friesen is starting 26th and will remain in that spot for today’s race.

Mack noted, “We checked and due to the fact this is a multi-day show we will keep our starting spot.”