Saturday after waiting out the rain at Oswego we got under way and had quite a day. The weather turned hot and humid, the events scheduled went on without any further delay, and the fields for Sunday were set, as well as the final few cars added to the rear of the 358 150 lap race. Before that one got started I left for Fulton to cover the World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series.

29 Sprints lined pit road. When the cars took to the track for time trials Jason Johnson “the Ragin’ Cajon” set fast time at 13.180. There heat races were run, with the winner of the first heat being, no surprise, Jason Johnson. Daryn Pittman was the victor on the second heat, while Jac Haudenschild became the third heat winner.

The 6 lap dash winner was Daryn Pittman, who went on to have a horrible amount of luck in the A Main.

The B Main winner was 16 year old Paulie Colagiovanni of Camillus N.Y. Paulie is recovering from a concussion he sustained during a wreck at Outlaw Speedway a few weeks ago. Ryan Susice was the only 360 Sprint in the field and just missed a qualifying spot by one position in the B Main, by 0.672 seconds.

The A Main saw two of the Outlaw stars side by side on the front row. Daryn Pittamn was on the pole with David Gravel outside of him. They raced side by side for a few laps until Daryn Pittman got the advantage over David Gravel for the lead. It looked like Pittman was on his way to a solid win until he git into,the rear if a car thta skowed abruptly exiting turn four on the bottom. The contact caused Pittman to spin, with Gravel inheriting the lead. Several restarts stacked Jason Johnson and Donny Schatz on Gravel’s bumper, but David was able to use the top,in one and two and the bottom,to the middle of 3 and four to keep a margin between him and the competition.

David Gravel went on to win his 17th A Main on the World of Outlaws Tour this season. Johnson was second, Schatz third, Greg Wilson was fourth, with “the Wild Child” Jax Haudenschild rounding out the top five.

The Win And You’re In Super Dirtcar Modified last chance race turned out to be a good one. Tom Sears Jr. Was able to come from his 17th place starting spot to win it. Matt Hulsizer was second after leading several laps, with Joe August Jr. Having a very solid run finishing third.

With the sun setting on the Fulton Speedway for the season as the Outlaws rode out of town I want to take a moment to appreciate the Wights, Cory Reed, and the entire staff at Fulton and her Sister track Brewerton Speedway for honoring me with the privilege to be your spiritual leader. I appreciate everyone’s open hearts and hospitality that I received throughout the year. I look forward to many more fruitful seasons as your Chaplain.

When the sun literally set over Fulton Speedway last night it was one of the most beautiful I’ve seen anywhere. The cloud cover created a reflective blanket for the brilliant orange hues cast by the suns final glow. What an expression of God’s creativity! We can see his handiwork all around us with the changing pallet of fall colors, and in the seasonal fruit and ripening harvest.

Look around today and you’ll be able to see the greatest expression of God’s creativity all around you. The person to your right and left for example. You see, the biblical account of creation is pretty interesting when you see it in context. In every instance God spoke and things came into being, except one.

In this particular act of creation God shaped clay with His own hands, into an image that reflected His. He then breathed into the nostrils of this clay body and it became a living thing God called man. The breath of life given was God’s spirit, which is His essence. The first man, Adam, was alone, with no human companionship, so God expressed His creativity and power even further.

He put the man to sleep, opened his side, took one of his ribs, and created another like him with internal reproductive organs. God called her female, and presented her to the man. When Adam saw her he said “Wo! man!”, and she has been called that ever since. I’m kidding, but Adam did call her Woman, and she was nick-named Eve. Woman is truly God’s crowning glory of creation, imagined in the heart of God to be a helper equal to man, yet subject to him in marriage.

She was created from his rib, taken from his side, to be equal to him. She wasn’t taken from his head to subvert him and be over him, nor was she taken from his foot to be under and downtrodden by him. The rib protects the heart, so,woman was created to intutitively intercede in prayer for the man to protect his spirit. She was taken from his side to be under his arm of protection, and to be near his heart to be loved.

God’s intent was to bring man and woman together in covenant through marriage to repesent the whole of His personality and expression.

As you enjoy the sites and sounds of Super Dirt Week, enjoy the awesome creativity of God, and the expression of His creativity by enjoying eveyone around you. Remember, every encounter is an opportunity to be an expression if His love to someone else who may desperately need it.

Our Chapel is at 9:45 at the stage. See you there.