OSWEGO, NY – A new year, but more of the same for Dave Marcuccilli at NAPA Auto Parts Super DIRT Week. The Canandaigua Motorsports Park regular dominated the Chevy Performance 75 for the Sportsman for the second year in a row.

“We want to win everywhere we go, but to be able to come here and win this race is cool,” Marcuccilli stated. “It was a lot different track than last year, but once we got going I knew I needed to hug the bottom as passing seemed a bit tough. It was a tricky race, and I know it wasn’t too exciting for the fans for us to lead the whole way, but that was our goal.”

Defending winner Marcuccilli led the field through the opening circuits before being slowed for a lap three caution.

At the green, Rocky Warner moved into third behind Matt Farnham on the restart, the top three remained status quo until Martin Pelletier slowed with a flat tire on lap 16.

On the restart, Marcuccilli walked away again, followed once more by Farnham and Warner.

Ronnie Davis III was the man on the move, working up to fifth before another yellow with 30 laps in the books. Kevin Root slipped around Warner for third on the ensuing restart, but broke just two laps later. With Root breaking, Davis was handed the keys to the third spot.

Farnham drove around the outside of Marcuccilli to take the lead on the restart, but a slowing car that same lap negated the pass. The next restart, Marcuccilli hung on to his lead and quickly skated away from the field.

By lap 60, the leaders had caught thick traffic running two and three wide in front of the leaders. Farnham closed in, with Davis and now Connor Cleveland hot on his tail, but a yellow with ten laps remaining for a stopped Tyler Thompson placed the leaders in open track once more.

As he had done a number of times before, Marcuccilli ran away and hid, only being slowed by a final yellow with five laps left. At the finish, it was Marcuccilli cruising to his second Chevrolet Performance 75 win in a row.

While Farnham briefly took the lead and appeared to have a car to beat Marcuccilli at times, he ultimately settled for second.

“The traffic had us scrambling. Dave just had a better car than us,” stated the runner-up finisher.  “I thought we were rolling better on the long run, but we just couldn’t get him. I pretty much set up my car for the bottom, but I didn’t really have a shot other than that restart.

Cleveland started ninth on the field and methodically moved up, reaching the podium with just under ten laps to go. However, that’s as far as he got.

“We set up for a slick track and it finally came to us,” said Cleveland. “Even though we had kind of a one lane track, we were still able to move pretty good.”
Davis III ended up finish in fourth after trying to make a few moves on the outside late in the race.  Former Super DIRT Week winner, Rocky Warner finished in fifth.
SPORTSMAN CHEVROLET PERFORMANCE 75 FINISH: 1 Dave Marcuccilli 2 Matt Farnham 3 Connor Cleveland 4 Ron Davis III 5 Rocky Warner 6 Adam McAuliffe 7 Tyler Trump 8 Will Shields 9 Robert Bublak Jr 10 Glenn Forward 11 Jackson Gill 12 Brianna Ladouceur 13 Kane Bristol 14 Cody McPherson 15 Alex LaJoie 16 Kyle Inman 17 Martin Pellitier 18 Jeremy Pitcher 19 Jessica Power 20 Corey Barker 21 Michael Stanton Jr. 22 James Friesen 23 Nick Krause 24 Chris Thurston 25 Tyler Thompson 26 Tom Collins Jr. 27 David Schilling 28 Todd Root 29 Mike Stacey 30 Kevin Root