Scott Jeffery Now a Five Time Winning Crew Chief at Super DIRT Week – DTD EXCLUSIVE


The crew chief of the Gypsum Express Racing, F.X. Caprara 99L was no stranger to victory lane at Super DIRT Week.

Scott Jeffery celebrated with Billy Decker at the Moody Mile in 1998, 2000, 2001 and 2005.

After a 13 year absence he returned there Sunday evening as Larry Wight and the rest of the team were in the spotlight after winning the Billy Whittaker Cars 200.

Accepting congratulations outside of the team hauler about an hour after the race, Jeffery spoke with Dirt Track Digest.

When asked if there was any difference in this win over the previous ones, Jeffery said,

“There is a lot of difference. With Billy back in Syracuse we kind of shouldn’t say we outsmarted, but we rode, we did fuel, we raced the track. Here we come here and passed everyone. It was great.”

As a crew chief he talked about what it was like to experience it.

“It’s great. The car is driving around perfectly. He’s driving the car great and he’s going to the front.”

Talking about this year’s winning car, Scott said, “It’s brand new. We ran it at the Outlaw 200 and now here.”

The team pitted on lap 126 of this year’s race, but Larry noted there was some thought to waiting until 140.

Jeffery said, “That (stopping at 140) was the plan from the start, but with the way the race played out for us we got to the front a lot quicker than I thought we would and we were in a good spot to ride around. If we had been in the back we could have been caught up in anything. When it came down to 126 I figured it was that time as in yesterday’s race (small-block) there were too many cautions and we weren’t able to get back to the front. We had a good enough car to get back to the front, but we just didn’t have enough time. I didn’t want to get cut short on laps.”

Looking back at last year’s third place he noted, “Last year we were right there. We were close, so close. To be able to come back this year and win it doesn’t get any better.”

The race has presented disappointment in the past as the last year of Syracuse, with everything brand new and sitting on the pole things didn’t go the way of the Gypsum Express team as they dropped out with mechanical problems.

Reflecting on that Scott said, “It was tough. It’s tough. Anytime you lose it’s tough. You go there and you do your best and it is what it is.”

Scott isn’t sure if the 2018 season is over, but if it is being the crew chief of the Super DIRT Week Billy Whittaker 200 winning team is more than satisfying to get ready for what comes in 2019.