Dirt Track Digest Staffers Make their Super DIRT Week Picks

OSWEGO, NY – Super DIRT Week XVIII has finally arrived!

In anticipation of the 2019 edition of Super DIRT Week, a handful of Dirt Track Digest staffers laid out their picks for the major events picking the winner of the Billy Whittaker Cars 200 as well as the pole-sitter.  Our staff also picked a dark-horse candidate for the win.  Picks were also made for the Salute the Troops 150 for the DIRTcar 358 Modifieds, the pole winner for that event as well as winners of the Chevy Performance 75 for the DIRTcar Sportsman and the Wilkins RV 50 for the DIRTcar Pro Stocks.

Super DIRTcar Series Billy Whittaker Cars 200 Winner

There were two clear cut picks here for the win and the $50,000 top prize on Sunday afternoon for the Super DIRTcar Series Modifieds.  Mat Williamson and Stewart Friesen are the odds-on staff favorites.  It’s no surprise as Friesen is a five-time winner of the event.  Williamson has been very good in 2019, including a $100,000 win at Orange County.  That factored in as well.  Others receiving votes included Ryan Godown, Mike Maresca, Erick Rudolph and Matt Sheppard.

Ken Bruce: Mat Williamson

TJ Buffenbarer: Ryan Godown

Jeff Ferguson: Stewart Friesen

Jeff Gromis: Erick Rudolph

Joe Kaminski: Stewart Friesen

Jeff Karabin: Stewart Friesen

Mike Mallett: Matt Shepppard

Adam Ross: Stewart Friesen

Don Simpson: Mat Williamson

GT Smith: Mat Williamson

George Smith: Mike Maresca

Tom Stevens: Stewart Friesen

Bobby Sweeney: Mat Williamson

Super DIRTcar Series Billy Whittaker Cars 200 Pole Winner

Defending race winner Larry Wight and Matt Sheppard were the top two vote getters when it came to who would earn the pole for the Billy Whittaker Cars 200.  Wight is the defending race winner while Sheppard took home the honors back in 2017.  Williamson and Friesen also picked up votes in this category.

Ken Bruce: Larry Wight

Jeff Ferguson: Larry Wight

Jeff Gromis: Larry Wight

Joe Kaminski: Matt Sheppard

Jeff Karabin: Matt Sheppard

Mike Mallett: Matt Sheppard

Adam Ross: Mat Williamson

Don Simpson: Larry Wight

George Smith: Matt Sheppard

GT Smith: Stewart Friesen

Tom Stevens: Mat Williamson

Bobby Sweeney: Matt Sheppard

Super DIRTcar Series Billy Whittaker Cars 200 Dark-horse

This category is wide open as is expected as several names popped up as possible dark-horse candidates.  Pat Ward and Mike Maresca were the only two drivers to receive multiple votes.   Maresca is coming off an impressive win in the Outlaw 200 while Ward will be hoping to turn around a tough 2019 season.

Ken Bruce: Ryan Godown

Jeff Ferguson: Mat Williamson

Jeff Gromis: Mike Mahaney

Joe Kaminski: Pat Ward

Jeff Karabin: Mike Maresca

Mike Mallett: Tim Sears Jr.

Adam Ross: Gary Lindberg

Don Simpson: Billy Decker

George Smith: Pat Ward

GT Smith: Mike Maresca

Tom Stevens: Peter Britten

Bobby Sweeney: Chris Hile

DIRTcar 358-Modified Salute the Troops 150 Winner

Williamson’s name surfaced a lot again here as he’s a multi-time winner with the DIRTcar 358 Modified Series this season.  Erick Rudolph is the current points leader and he also received a healthy amount of votes.  Tim Fuller and Jimmy Phelps each got a nod as well.

Ken Bruce: Erick Rudolph

TJ Buffenbarger: Mat Williamson

Jeff Ferguson: Erick Rudolph

Jeff Gromis: Mat Williamson

Joe Kaminski: Mat Williamson

Jeff Karabin: Erick Rudolph

Mike Mallett: Mat Williamson

Adam Ross: Mat Williamson

Don Simpson: Eric Rudolph

GT Smith: Erick Rudolph

George Smith: Tim Fuller

Tom Stevens: Jimmy Phelps

Bobby Sweeney: Erick Rudolph

DIRTcar 358-Modified Salute the Troops 150 Pole Winner

Tim Fuller dominated this category as the staff felt like he was the man to beat to start on the pole for the Salute the Troops 150.  He has won the top spot all three years of Super DIRT Week at Oswego so it’s no surprise to see him earn the most recognition.

Ken Bruce: Mat Willamson

Jeff Ferguson: Erick Rudolph

Jeff Gromis: Steve Bernier

Joe Kaminski: Erick Rudolph

Jeff Karabin: Mat Williamson

Mike Mallett: Tim Fuller

Adam Ross: Tim Fuller

Don Simpson: Tim Fuller

George Smith: Tim Fuller

GT Smith:  Tim Fuller

Tom Stevens: Billy Decker

Bobby Sweeney: Larry Wight

DIRTcar Sportsman Chevrolet Performance 75 Winner

Shane Pecore is the defending winner and as a result he garnered the most attention when it came to picking a winner of the Chevy Performance 75 for the DIRTcar Sportsman.  Local hot shoe Kyle Inman also received several votes after his win on Saturday at the Fulton Speedway.  Matt Janczuk got a couple of votes as well.

Ken Bruce: Shane Pecore

TJ Buffenbarger: Shane Pecore

Jeff Ferguson: Shane Pecore

Jeff Gromis: Connor Cleveland

Joe Kaminski: Matt Janczuk

Jeff Karabin: Adam McAuliffe

Mike Mallett: Matt Janczuk

Adam Ross: Brad Rouse

Don Simpson: Kyle Inman

GT Smith: Robert Bublak

George Smith: Kevin Root

Tom Stevens: Kyle Inman

Bobby Sweeney: Kyle Inman

DIRTcar Pro Stocks Wilkins RV 50 Winner

At Super DIRT Week it’s hard not to pick Rob Yetman.  Yetman picked up a majority of the votes for the DIRTcar Pro Stock division.  Yetman has won five times at Super DIRT Week.  Defending champion C.D. Beauchamp received a vote of confidence as did Josh Coonradt, Kenny Gates, Mark Lalonde and Nick Stone.

Ken Bruce: Rob Yetman

TJ Buffenbarger: Rob Yetman

Jeff Ferguson: Josh Coonradt

Jeff Gromis: Marc LaLonde

Joe Kaminski: Rob Yetman

Jeff Karabin: Josh Coonradt

Mike Mallett: Nick Stone

Adam Ross: C.D. Beauchamp

Don Simpson: Rob Yetman

George Smith: Kenny Gates

GT Smith: Rob Yetman

Tom Stevens: Rob Yetman

Bobby Sweeney: Rob Yetman