Pat Ward Weekend Saved – DTD Exclusive


OSWEGO, NY – Pat Ward had just one small-block for Super DIRT Week and on Wednesday night the entire front end was wiped out putting his weekend in jeopardy.

Ryan Bartlett bounced off the inside hubrail and shot back up where Ward clipped him. Pat went heavily into the outside wall and the impact was so strong that it wrapped the steering wheel around the steering column while also taking out the entire front end of the car.

There was the distinct possibility the weekend was over.

Dan Neal, who works with 358 rookie driver Jeremy Dygert sent a photo of the car to Jeremy around 11:30 p.m. Moments later Dygert called and offered his car, which was a former Pat Ward car, to the Gypsum Team.

So the team went to Dygert’s shop to get the car.Pat’s old Fonda pit crew of Scott Meka, Jim Booth and Neal along with Pat pulled an all nighter stripping the 22j, switching out parts and Ward rolled into Oswego on Thursday morning, hit the track for hot laps and hovered around 20th throughout the morning.