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This & That 1/29/15 – DTD Exclusive

By ED & Betty Biittig Here we are still in Florida and picking up tidbits of racing news wherever we can. Although it has been cool (cold for Florida) hear we are still thankful we are not up north braving the cold and the snow. We don’t do cold well. Wood Bros in Record Book: An interesting bit of news that came last week is the Wood Brothers Racing out of Stuart, Virginia is officially in the Guinness Book of World Records as being the longest running active NASCAR team. One of the first drivers to drive for them was…More

Shane Helms: ‘Tony Stewart is the only guy that can resurrect the All Stars’

By JEREMY ELLIOTT (Patriot News) Renegade Sprint Series founder Shane Helms knows there is going to be some disappointment and hurt feelings. But he also knows what is best for Sprint Car racing and its competitors. And in the end, that’s what Helms and the Renegades were all about. So when Helms and Rob Hunter made the decision to step aside, fold up shop and sell the Renegades to Tony Stewart, it was the right tact. The mission statement of making the sport better was met. Stewart came to an agreement with Guy Webb, majority owner of the All Star…More

Mostly Racin’ Stuff By Tom Avenengo Volume # 210 01/29/2015

  Some personal/family stuff:   Went and met with my kidney specialist and then with my cardiologist.  Things seem to be doing ok.  Weight is holding between 148-152, so that’s good, especially when, back in September, I tipped the scales at 195.  My main problem now is a rash on my legs, which also brings some itching.  And, due to my being diabetic, I do get sharp stinging (like someone poking me with a needle) in my legs.  Oh well, at least I’m able to write about it, I guess?     More memories: I’m quite happy down here in…More

Tony Stewart’s Sprint Car passion leads to purchase of the All Star Circuit of Champions series

By JEREMY ELLIOTT (Patriot News) Tony Stewart has never hid his affection for racing on dirt, and specifically, Sprint Car racing. It’s in his blood. You can hear it in his voice. Stewart may compete in NASCAR, but his first love is on dirt and he continues to be a strong presence in the sport. Stewart has dabbled in the Sprint Car ranks during his spare time. He also owns the famous Eldora Speedway and cars driven by World of Outlaws star Donny Schatz and 20-time World of Outlaws champion Steve Kinser. Now, Stewart will add to his racing portfolio,…More

Q & A with Drivers Turned Northeast Promoters – DTD Exclusive

By MIKE MALLETT Over the years there have been several drivers turned promoter.  Some have been successful while some have struggled to find the same triumphs they had during their racing careers.  In the past few seasons three new drivers have entered the ranks of promoter; Mike Bruno of Devil’s Bowl Speedway and Airborne Park Speedway, Matt DeLorenzo at the Fonda Speedway and Jimmy Phelps who heads the team at the newly reconstructed Weedsport Speedway.  DeLorenzo and Phelps continue to compete while Bruno has focused solely on the promotional side of things.  Each driver has had some successes while facing their…More

Mark Coldren hires Steve Buckwalter to drive his Sprint Car next season

By JEREMY ELLIOTT (Patriot News) Mark Coldren doesn’t have the free time to race a Sprint Car every week. It’s too much effort with all of his commitments. His professional and personal life have changed. Water Treatment by Design — Coldren’s business — is booming. On the home front, he has two new additions to the family in the form of twins. But that doesn’t mean Coldren’s passion for the sport has waned. In fact, it’s as strong as ever, which is why he wants to continue as an owner and dabble behind the wheel of a second entry when…More

Brewerton And Fulton Speedway Welcome Back Tracey Road Equipment As DIRTcar Modified Division Sponsor

BALDWINSVILLE, NY – January 22, 2015 (By Dave Medler) – The Brewerton and Fulton Speedways are excited to announce the return of major marketing partner Tracey Road Equipment as the title sponsor of the DIRTcar Big Block Modifieds at both tracks for the 2015 racing season. As the winter days click off and race teams are busy in their race shops so is the management of the tracks putting the final touches on an exciting race season that will be here before we know it. In the Tracey Road Equipment DIRTcar Modifieds Matt Sheppard will return to defend his Brewerton…More

Mostly Racin’ Stuff By Tom Avenengo Volume # 209 01/22/2015

  Some personal/family stuff: Over time, I’ve had difficulty hearing people.  Part of what caused this was all the races I attended without ear protection.  Once, while down at Richmond for and Indy car race, I was taping it, holding my camera in my right hand.  The noise was deafening.   I put a finger into my left ear and – damn! – I could not hear the cars.  Right ear was completely open to any noises, but nothing! I had a hearing test with the VA back then.  I was told my hearing didn’t warrant a hearing aid.  Well, I…More

Mostly Racin’ Stuff By Tom Avenengo Volume # 208 01/15/2015

        Some personal/family stuff:   Had my daughter Sarah down for the weekend.  Was great seeing her, even if it was only a couple of days.  She isn’t all that far away, living in North Port, Fl.  We reminisced about things from back in the day.  She’s our youngest, having been born in 1973.  Jeez, even she’s getting up in years now.   At one time or another, over the course of these winter months, we’ll get to take in a race together.   Note:  I have no idea as to why some of the links in my…More

Glen Ridge Drops Short Track Super Series Event, Strengthens Ties with DIRTcar – DTD Exclusive

By MIKE MALLETT The roller coaster off-season continues for Glen Ridge Motorsports Park. Just over a week ago, after months of speculation, it was officially reported that Pete Demitraszek was back in as the promoter of the quarter-mile, Fultonville, N.Y., speedway after a one year run under Mike Sowle. Even after the change in leadership, the speedway was set to host Brett Deyo’s Short Track Super Series for the first time in its history. Dirt Track Digest learned this week that this race has been taken off the schedule and there will not be a Brett Deyo sanctioned race at…More