Fuller flies to Friday night win at World Finals in Charlotte

DTD Exclusive by: Adam Ross

November 2, 2012, CHARLOTTE, NC – Tim Fuller used every inch of North Carolina clay looking for the bite he needed to overtake Tim McCreadie. With just over 10 laps remaining in Friday’s 40-lap main event Fuller used lapped cars to pin race leader McCreadie to the bottom of the track and take the top spot.
Once out front Fuller led the remaining 12 laps to score the $6,000 victory in night one of the two-night World Finals at the Dirt Track at Charlotte Motor Speedway.
The race got off to a rough start as Tim Kerr crashed off turn two collecting Vince Vitale and a few other cars. Kerr’s night ended early, and so did Vitale’s. When racing resumed the event went green-to-checkers with McCreadie quickly moving to the front overtaking front-row starters Ryan Godown and Peter Britten.
McCreadie continually hit his marks on the inside of both ends of the slippery dirt track as Fuller worked to the second spot while exploring the entire racing surface. As laps clicked away dirt modified racing’s hottest driver Brett Hearn made his way into the third position, and he steadily closed on the lead duo creating a three-way battle for the lead just past the halfway point.
Fuller hounded McCreadie lap after lap sailing his Smith Brothers entry deep into the turns allowing it to drift up the race track, but T Mac was up to his challenge. Things changed when the leaders approached the slower cars of Tyler Siri and Tom Sears jr.. Siri and Sears ran steadily on the bottom groove, and the leaders struggled to find traction to pass them on the outside.
Fuller impressively positioned himself to pin McCreadie behind the lapped cars, and Fuller darted past the race leader earning the top spot.
Fuller quickly opened an advantage over McCreadie, and McCreadie was forced to play defense when Hearn showed the nose of his familiar #20. Hearn worked the inside groove of the race track pulling along side McCreadie a couple of times, but T Mac closed the door keeping his rival at bay.
Fuller cruised on to victory followed by McCreadie and Hearn. Godown and Gary Tomkins rounded out the top five.
“Timmy McCreadie has been strong here,” said Fuller in victory lane. “I saw him get out there, and I tracked him down. Once I got to him I couldn’t pass him, but we brought a good piece here. We actually got it done.”
McCreadie was clearly disappointed in his second-place finish after sweeping the 2011 World Finals winning both nights in the modified division.
“We’ve got to go to work because he’s got his program pretty good,” said McCreadie. “I knew we might be in trouble if it went green to checkered. They earned it – that’s for sure. I can’t dwell on it because we have another race in two or three minutes.”
Rounding out the top 10 were Britten, Justin Haers, Kenny Tremont, Jimmy Phelps, and Danny Johnson. With only one race remaining Matt Sheppard’s point lead shrunk by 24 points, and he now leads Hearn by 60 points. Hearn overtook Phelps in the standings.

FULL SCORED FINISH, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 2012: 1. 74 Tim Fuller 2. 4* Tim McCreadie 3. 20 Brett Hearn 4. 747 Ryan Godown 5. 84 Gary Tomkins 6. 21a Peter Britten 7. 3 Justin Haers 8. 115 Kenny Tremont jr. 9. 98h Jimmy Phelps 10. 27j Danny Johnson 11. 1j Stewart Friesen 12. 9s Matt Sheppard 13. 91 Billy Decker 14. 49 Billy Dunn 15. 48t Dave Rauscher 16. 8 Rich Scagliotta 17. 62s Tom Sears jr. 18. 5* Tyler Siri 19. 97 Michel Chicoine 20. 71 Mike Bowman 21. 8r Rob Bellinger 22. 6n Kevin Bates 23. 21m Bob McGannon 24. 10v Billy VanInwegen 25. 85 Dan Vauter 26. 3d Matt Delorenzo 27. 07 Tim Kerr 28. 56 Vince Vitale

1. 2324 0 9s Matt Sheppard
2. 2264 -60 20 Brett Hearn
3. 2252 -72 98h Jimmy Phelps
4. 2093 -231 3 Justin Haers
5. 2021 -303 27j Danny Johnson
6. 2000 -324 49 Billy Dunn
7. 1852 -472 21a Peter Britten
8. 1810 -514 8 Rich Scagliotta
9. 1792 -532 8r Rob Bellinger
10. 1761 -563 84 Gary Tomkins
11. 1635 -689 48t Dave Rauscher
12. 1627 -697 56 Vince Vitale
13. 1590 -734 10 Tim Currier
14. 1564 -760 5* Tyler Siri
15. 1453 -871 115 Kenny Tremont