Hafertepe Jr. Wins Round #3 of Sprint Speedweek at Big Diamond


Sam Hafertepe Jr. scored his first ever PA Sprint Speed Week victory and first ever Big Diamond Speedway win in the 30 lap main event for the Sprinters during stop #3 of the PA Sprint Speedweek series.

Starting from the pole position, Hafertepe bolted into the lead at the drop of the green and immediately opened up a large lead over second place running Stevie Smith. The first 13 laps of the feature event went caution free before yellow had to be displayed for Jimmy Reppert, who came to a stop on the backstretch. The caution was out once again on lap #14 for a spinning Ryan Wilson. On the restart, Hafertepe again sprinted out to a large lead, with Smith still holding down second spot and Brent Marks in third. These three drivers remained in this order when the final caution flag of the event flew on lap #28 for Brain Montieth, who stopped on the front stretch with a right rear flat. Montieth refused the two lap courtesy extended to drivers with flat tires and retired for the evening. On the restart, Smith made a daring move into turn #2 to try and wrestle the lead from Hafertepe, but to no avail, and the Sunnyvale, TX driver was able to cruise to the $5,000 victory. Smith held on for second, followed by Marks, Lance Dewease, and Friday nights winner Greg Hodnett. Sixth thru tenth were Danny Lasoski, Brady Bacon, Fred Rahmer, Darren Mollenoyux, and Mark Smith.

Heats for the 24 cars on hand were won by Marks, Bacon, and Chad Layton. Fast time for the night was set by Dewease at 13.501 seconds.

With the win, Hafertepe was able to take over the points lead for the series. Hafertepe now has 436 points. Greg Hodnett(394), Fred Rahmer(390), Brent Marks(384)and Lance Dewease(379) complete the top five.

Marc Bersowski picked up win #7 of the season in the 20 lap Savage 61 Roadrunner main event. Berzowski took the lead from Shon Elk on a lap #13 restart needed after race long leader Kyle Killian tangled with a lapped car while completing lap #12. Elk was never far behind, and took a shot at the lead several times over the last seven laps, but was never able to overtake Bersowski. Elk held on for his third second place in a row, followed by TJ Fitzpatrick, Chris Holland, And Tim Fitzpatrick Jr.

Heats for the 22 Roadrunners on hand were won by Holland and TJ Fitzpatrick.

Racing returns to Big Diamond Speedway this coming Friday with the running of the 33rd annual Georgie Stevenson Memorial for the 358 Modifieds. Also on the card will be Sportsman, Roadrunners, and EXCEL 600 Modifieds. The night will be topped off with a spectacular fireworks display. First heat hits the track at 8:15 PM.

410 Sprint Cars (30 Laps) Round #3 of Speed Week

1) Sam Hafertepe Jr. 2) Stevie Smith 3) Brent Marks 4) Lance Dewease 5) Greg Hodnett 6) Danny Lasoski 7) Brady Bacon 8) Fred Rahmer 9) Darren Mollenoyux 10) Mark Smith 11) Chad Layton 12) Danny Deitrich 13) Aaron Ott 14) Logan Schuchart 15) Billy Deitrich 16) Ryan Wilson 17) Eric Riggens 18) Brian Monteith 19) Ryan Smith 20) Jimmy Reppert 21) Jacob Allen 22) Scott Wilson DNS) Alan Krimes, Jimmy Seger

Roadrunners (20 Laps)

1) Marc Berzowski 2) Shon Elk 3) TJ Fitzpatrick 4) Chris Holland 5) Tim Fitzpatrick Jr. 6) Jim Kost 7) Devin Trexler 8) Jeremy Becker 9) Joe Kavanaugh 10) Neil Bressler 11) Tim Spesak 12) Kyle Wingle 13) Jesse Krasnitsky 14) Bill Wingle Sr. 15) Kyle Killian 16) Connor Horan 17) Joey Brennan 18) Terry Kramer Jr. 19) Kris Ney 20) Billy Wingle Jr. 21) Kevin Holland DNS) Glenn Rowan