IMCA Weekly Report 10/10/13


There were two races at one track this weekend and they were good ones. The Empire State Series for the IMCA modifieds made its annual stop at Fulton Speedway during Outlaw Weekend.

Weekend Recap and coming events: A total of 35 IMCA modifieds pulled through the gates chasing glory at the high banks of Fulton Speedway this past Friday for the series event. Before that big race the Brewerton regulars had some unfinished business from August 31st with their make-up race. It was 15 laps of fast flying action as the locals were up first on the night with a very tacky track that had lots of bite. The action slowed for just one caution when the 4W of Johnny West’s engine let loose going into turn three. Rob Keller took the checkers followed by Chris Fleming and Kevan Cook.

So how would the rest of the night play out? Did the local Brewerton guys have a leg up by getting some extra time in on this one off track? Or did the invaders have a better shot by being able to scope out the competition from the sidelines early on? After three grueling heats won by Brad Sites, Gary Roberts and Chris Fleming and one conci won by Jason Benjamin the field was set.

Rob Keller started on the pole and tried his hardest to run away with the win. He was dogged, chased and hounded for the full 25 laps by Mike Wilmot and James Cornell as all three battled for the lead. You could have thrown a blanket over the three cars as they raced back and forth, side by side with very little, if any contact. In the end Rob took home his second win on the night so maybe the early 15 laps helped. Nobody will know as Wilmot and Cornell where right there at the checkers.

From a driver and fans perspective, this was a great race to watch. The battle up front, KC Cole starting last and finishing 10th for the hard charger. James Cornell started 15th, charging to 3rd. Dan Searles and Bill Ward both picked up 10 spots. Mike Wilmot, Matt Jones and Jason Amidon all gained 7 spots while Gary Smith picked up 8 spots. There was allott of hard racing, passing and action. My hats off to the whole starting field as this race was a great example of IMCA Modified racing at its finest. I personally spoke with several drivers after the race and every one of them raved about how great the track was and this was their favorite race of the year.

IMCA upcoming race: Five Mile point will be holding an IMCA Modified race this Friday during the super national’s weekend. This race will be run under IMCA rules with a twist. Sail Panels will be allowed. This should make for a strange sight and hopefully some good racing. This is a $400 to win and $50 to start show with no entry fees.

In closing I have attached a listing of the contingency prizes for the Fulton series race. I would like to thank all of

the sponsors for their support with this race. I would also like to thank the drivers that turned out and put on a fantastic show.

I have one request on a personal note. The rumor mill is in full swing and it’s been rumored that Brewerton Speedway may be dropping the IMCA Modifieds for the 2014 season. I’m asking that any fans or drivers of the class please reach out to the track via their website or even Facebook and show your support for the class and drivers in a positive manner. If there are any drivers that are looking at joining the class for 2014 please let the track know. This is a great class, with a bunch of awesome drivers that helps bring some diversity to the NE Modified country. The drivers and I all thank you for your support.

Wegmans $50 gift card to conci winner – Jason Benjamin Carquest Camden NY case of 10w30 oil – Matt Jones Waxy Willys $25 cash to last qualifier to KC Cole $25 gift cert to 12th place finisher Tyler Stoddard New G60 hoosier tire to first non qual car – William Ward

Thomas Racing Video dvd of nights action to Rob Keller Close racing supply $75 gift cert to hard charger KC Cole Donnia Dana Doodles cartoon drawing for last place finisher Glenn Erwin Springfield oil case of brad penn and lube package to 2nd place finisher Mike Wilmot Nutz Custom $25 cash to lap ten and 24 leader Rob Keller Advance Auto west end Auburn case of VR1 oil to last place running car Brad Sites Dirt Car tix to third place finisher James Cornell Camp Courcy Hard Luck Award Kevan Cook Dirt Track Digest half way leader Rob Keller Van Dyke Septic $50 for the first three non qualifiers Will Ward, Doug Mckane and Brian Steigerwald AMG 3 Wix filters one each for 11, 12 and 13 finishers Jason Benjamin Tyler Stoddard and Dane Keller AMG set of e3 spark plugs, hat and shirt to position 14 Bill Ward E3 hat and shirt position 15 Todd Stone Wilmot Motorsports $25 to the 16th place finisher Mike Stoddard Tile and Carpet town $25 gift cert to the 7th and 17th place finishers Jason Amidon and Jim Walsh. Bound throw rugs to heat and conci winners Brad Sites, Gary Roberts, Chris Fleming and Jason Benjamin WDS Motorsports $25 to the 4th and 14th place finisher Matt Jones and Bill Ward.

TGIR Race shirts to the last 6 non qualifiers

Falso Industries – custom laser cut IMCA bottle openers, one to each starter

Burger King – free meal gift certs, 2 to each of the top ten drivers I will be at Five Mile Point this Friday with my car. Please stop by and pick up any remaining prizes or feel free to contact me and we can make arrangements