Implementing Sprint Car drug testing is a small price to pay for safety and peace of mind: commentary

By JEREMY ELLIOTT (Patriot News)

No matter how big the media outlet – ESPN, USA Today or CNN – it can’t take away the one common characteristic of a Sprint Car fan: passion.

If anything, it enhances it.

When the sport is put in a bad light on a national stage, the numbers on the cars or men in the seat no longer matter. This clan rallies around the sport as a whole and flips the middle finger to the rest of the world.

That’s one of many things that makes Sprint Car racing great. But it’s also one of its biggest weaknesses.

It’s tough to keep an open mind when you feel a connection to something, whether it’s a girlfriend, a favorite team or family. Judgment gets clouded. It has happened to us all.

So when I made the decision to tackle drug testing in Sprint Car racing, I put aside the 31 years of being around the sport, including its glory years during the 1980s when I was still a kid. It was all about the facts and getting answers.

The result: In this case, change and adding some sort of drug testing to Sprint Car racing is needed.

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