Muddy welcome to Super DIRT Week Wednesday

By Adam Ross – DTD Exclusive – The story as teams rolled into the pit area Wednesday morning was the weather. More specifically the hot topic was what Mother Nature did to the Moody Mile.
Track preparation has been in the forefront recently, and much of the effort could be unrewarded from an amazing amount of rain that fell Tuesday.
Simply put – the track is a mess.
According to the man who oversees the preparation of the track Mark Kolceski it is going to be a challenge to keep things on schedule today. Packer vehicles are circulating the speedway this morning, but it will be a great while before it’s ready for race cars to roll out.
Admittedly the weather wasn’t ideal for preparation of the track, but it’s nothing this crew hasn’t seen before. Kolceski worked for the state of New York for nearly 40 years, and he has spent a great deal of time massaging the tricky surface into shape. Since his retirement Kolceski has been brought in by DIRTCar to continue the supervision of the track work.
The good news is that the sun is shining brightly on Wednesday morning, and the forecast continues to look good throughout the week.
Event organizers face the challenge of working the track into racing shape, but this is nothing out of the ordinary for Super DIRT Week.

Teams arrive with creative designs

Some interesting cars have been seen rolling through the pits. Jimmy Phelps back up car is equipped with an unorthodox nose piece. We’ll let you know how it goes on the track.

Below is the hood scoop from Mat Williamson’s 358 Modified car. It’s great to see teams experimenting.

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