Second Time is the Charm for Vince Vitale- A DTD Exclusive


As the saying goes if at first you don’t succeed, try try again. Well Vince Vitale did just that. Vince did not qualify in Friday’s Triple 20 event at the mile, but he loaded up his Saturday night special and drove his way in to the NAPA Auto Parts Super DIRT Week XLII Syracuse 200 . By dominating the ‘Win and You’re In” event at Rolling Wheels Raceway Vince was able to claim starting position in Tomorrow’s big Syracuse 200.

Vitale had a strong showing in heat race number two beating out modified regular Chuck Bower, earning himself the pole for the 25 lap feature and he never look back. As Vince was able to take the lead from the start of the feature by beating Matt Hulsizer into turn one.

Yellow would come out on lap number two as Matt Delorenzo would find his way over the cushion in turn 4 bringing out the yellow. Vitale was again strong on the restart and hold on while Hulsizer and Bower battle for the runner up position. Bower would take over the second spot on lap 6.

Yellow would again come into play as Shawn Donath went for a spin off of turn 2. The top five as they ran were Vince Vitale, Chuck Bower, Matt Hulsizer, Todd Burley, and Matt Fink. Green would bring the pack back to action and Burley and Hile would both overtake Hulsizer on the inside dropping him to fifth.

Lap traffic would hit at the halfway point but Vitale remained smooth throughout navigating on the bottom of the speedway. Yellow would again waive as Shawn Donath would again spin and the R1 of Bob Winters would stop off of turn four with smoke coming out of the engine compartment.

The restart would see Vitale leading Bower, Burley, Hile, Ryan Susice, Mike Bowman, Matt Hulsizer, Matt Fink and Rich Richner inside the top 10. Green would come back out. Matt Delorenzo would gain a few positions and looked fast but simply ran out of time. Chris Hile made a nice move to get by Todd Burley for the 3rd spot.

Checkered was out on lap 25 and no one had an answer for Vince Vitale as he would pick up the win and the guaranteed starting spot for the Syracuse 200. Chuck Bower was second, Chris Hile, Todd Burley, and Mike Bowman rounded out the top five.

Vince hopped out of his Rochester Optical # 56 and spoke about how his team was able to come together and how he was looking forward to the opportunity to pick up the win.

“Everybody got together and got it done,” Vitale said. “It was so exciting coming here and hoping to win this one. We drew good, and everything kind of fell into place.”

Vince’s next challenge will be to take on the Moody Mile tomorrow.

NAPA Auto Parts Super DIRT Week XLII
Big-Block Modified “Win and You’re In” Qualifier for Syracuse 100
Saturday, October 12, 2013 – Rolling Wheels Raceway Park

A-Main (25 laps): 1. 56 Vince Vitale, 2. 99b Chad Bower, 3 5h Chris Hile, 4. 89b Todd Burley, 5. 16 Mike Bowman, 6. 3d Matt DeLorenzo, 7. 19w Justin Wright, 8. 15 Matt Fink, 9. 38 Ryan Susice, 10. 55 Matt Hulsizer, 11. 88 Steve Hulsizer, 12. 02 Ray Bresnahan, 13. 2k Katelyn Kane, 14. 14J Brian Gleason, 15. 16J Adam Jacobs, 16. T21 Roger Chrysler, 17. 87 Shawn Donath, 18. R1 Bob Winters, 19. 85 Dan Vauter, 20. 13 Rick Regalski, 21. 1J Mike O’Brien, 22. 98 Kolby Schrader, 23. 26 Rick Richner, 24. 47 Joe August, Jr.

Qualifying Heats (8 laps)
Heat 1: M. Hulsizer, Fink, Burley, Bowman, Bresnahan, Jacobs, O’Brien, Schrader
Heat 2: Vitale, Bower, Vauter, Regalski, Kane, Winters, Gleason, Richner
Heat 3: DeLorenzo, Wright, Hile, Susice, Chrysler, S. Hulsizer