The Luke Whitteker and the Whitteker Motorsports Racing Team 2012 Season in Review

Luke Whitteker and the Whitteker Motorsports Racing Team had an amazing 2012 race season. To start, Luke was named Race 101 Premier Driver from his class of 2011 in North Carolina and had the opportunity to represent and drive the Race 101 asphalt Super Late Model racecar at the Southern National Speedway in Kenly, North Carolina. Whitteker is the first Canadian and dirt racer to have won the honour of Premier Driver! Luke showed the talent, focus and drive necessary to compete at this extremely high level of racing. Luke even managed to pull off a top ten finish on his very first start, which was also the first top ten finish by a Race 101 Premier Driver since the beginning of the program.

Luke and the Whitteker Motorsports team took on a very strenuous schedule racing weekly at three different tracks; Mohawk Motor Speedway on Friday nights, Brockville Motor Speedway on Saturday nights and Cornwall Motor Speedway on Sunday nights. The Whitteker Motorsports team managed to keep it all together and found success each week as Luke raced, even when traveling back and forth from North Carolina.

Joe Jansen, a crewmember and sponsor to the Whitteker Motorsports team commented, “As a crew member and a sponsor of Luke and the 38 team it was definitely an exciting year watching each race unfold. It was also a busy year with countless hours of time put into the new Bicknell car by the whole crew. I’m confident that the Whitteker Motorsports team will be a force to reckon with in the 2013 season!”

In mid-July, Luke Whitteker and the Whitteker Motorsports Team picked up their brand new 2012 experimental Bicknell racecar. Everyone was excited about this new car as Luke Whitteker had a large input into the design of this BRP experimental car. Whitteker and the team at Bicknell Racing Products put in a lot of thought and hard work to bring life to this very unique car. Luke and the Whitteker Motorsports would like to thank everyone at Bicknell for their dedication and perseverance on the project.

Week after week Luke continued to be successful on and off the track. Luke and his team participated in community events throughout the year when they were not racing. Steven Iwachniuk, Luke’s friend and sponsor states, “[Luke’s] fan base continues to grow and Luke is just getting started. He is a young man with the passion, dedication, work ethic, professionalism, and drive to be a great champion and role model in our community.”

Luke did his far share of work during the season doing PR and sponsor hunting. Among his new sponsors, is a local real estate brokerage, Storm Realty Cornwall. In 2013, Luke Whitteker will attend numerous community events with Storm Realty Cornwall and is very excited to give back to his community that he cares about. Luke and his team will showcase their new experimental car and will be available to sign autographs on site at these community events.

This year Luke and his team have built a great partnership and friendship with Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Cornwall and District. Luke and The Whitteker Motorsports team will be attending future events with this organization and are looking forward to making all the difference that they can.

With the end of the 2012 race season, the Whitteker Motorsports Racing Team is currently preparing for the 2013 season. Sponsorship opportunities are still available with the Whitteker Motorsports Racing Team for the 2013 season. Please contact Luke Whitteker today at lukewhitt@ripnet.com to see how this great sponsorship opportunity can be of benefit to you and your business.

Luke and the Whitteker Motorsports Racing Team would like to thank all of their fans, their crew, their friends and family members who have helped make this year a huge success. Luke would like to especially thank his crew: Joe Jansen, Kevin Whitteker, Travis McMillan, Dustin Gillard, Tommy McMillan, Jeff Whitteker, Sean Nixon, Jamie Whitteker, Elaine Whitteker and Kyle Dingwall.

Luke and the Whitteker Motorsports Racing Team would like to thank their sponsors; Storm Realty Cornwall, Rust Check, Toy Storage, Jim’s Performance Plus, ET Performance, C Double J Harvesting, Parcoll Products/Napa Auto Parts, Cohen and Lord Insurance, ERD Engine Research and Development, Bicknell Racing Products and Finish Line Web Design. The Whitteker Motorsports Racing Team appreciates your continuing support and looks forward to getting back behind the wheel for the 2013 racing season.