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Albany Saratoga (The Dirt Is Coming Back!)



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Well ok now that you've clicked the blog topic I’ll tell you it's not what you think! lol I have no freaking idea if the dirt will ever be back on the former great race place in the future, but for this post, the dirt is coming back for at least 75 laps.

Ever get bored in the winter and paw through your racing DVD collection for a race to watch? I do it frequently, can't help it, I’m a racing junkie. At least once a day i look for a DVD for my racing fix during the off-season. As I fumbled through my Malta collection of Bobco Racing Video's I found one of the best races I’ve seen at Malta. It was June 30th 2004 and the race was called CVRA vs. The World!

It was the best CVRA small block modified drivers vs. everyone else in the modified racing world for $10,000 to win! This was one of my favorite races to see each year and i thought i'd share with the racing world, because i know being this close to the car shows and April, there are some of you foaming at the mouth in withdrawal.

Below you'll see why this was one of the best (if not the best in my humble opinion) dirt tracks in the Northeast. When it was dirt, it was my personal favorite to attend weekly. Watch the video below and take a trip back to when the great pavement place dawned the title, the great race place. Enjoy!

Heat #1 ~ Pat Ward

Heat #2 ~ Tim Fuller

Heat #3 ~ Danny Johnson

Heat #4 ~ Brett Hearn

Heat #5 ~ Stewart Friesen

Heat #6 ~ Mike Ricci

Heat #7 ~ Frank Cozze

Mod Consi #1 ~ Mike Perotte

Mod Consi #2 ~ Dave Lape

Mod Consi #3 ~ Gary Tompkins

Mod Consi #4 ~ Matt DeLorenzo

Mod Consi #5 ~ Don Scarborough


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