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Rockin' Race Report - Selinsgrove Speedway - March 18Th & 19Th



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Selinsgrove Speedway is fast becoming the March mecca of modified racing. Joe Kaminski has taken it upon himself these last four years worth of March weekends to put the modifieds right in the glowing spotlight of the sprint car crazed race fans of Central PA. There is absolutely no secret that Pennsylvania, particularly, Central PA, is an area rich in racing history, deeply steeped in sprint cars, but, for this special weekend every year, the ROC Dirt Modified Tour takes the spotlight and packs the stands at Charlie Paige's little gem of a race track. The Ice Breaker is now known as the event that marks the beginning of Northeastern Dirt Modified racing, and does it with a significant and palpable "big event" feel & flavor.

If your a car count person, they had that. 50 something small blocks on Friday and 60 or so on Saturday, Oh? Did I mention I am not a car count person? At any rate, they had a ton of them both nights of event.

Joe Kaminski, is the hard working son-of-a-gun who gets out in front of this thing each year and organizes, generates the energy and polishes up every last detail of what makes this event come off so well. This was Joe, and company's, fourth crack at this Icebreaker Weekend concept, and it was, by design, the best one yet. Great cars, big name stars, (Sheppard, Howard, VonDohren, Horton, Pauch, Varin, Decker, Phelps, Strunk, Johnson, Hearn, Friesen & "The People's Champ" Pat Ward + many more, all on the same bill), add to that the fact, it is an event people actually want to see, a parking lot full of campers and cars, crammed into the historic, beauty of a grandstand, all added up together, gave the overall feeling that you were indeed, witnessing, an "all-star" type event. This was not done at all by accident. Turns out kaminski and company are pretty smart cookies.

Early season racing is, what it is. The track was a challenge, but the track crew was tireless in working and re-working the thing over & over throughout the course of the weekend. The drivers all seemed to get that and adjust. That is one thing I have learned from listening to drivers over the years as I photograph my way through the pits. They are never really complaining as much about a track surface, as they trying to figure it out, read it, adjust to it. Each drivers understanding is pretty clear, everybody else has to race on it, I just need to be the one to figure out the right set up to make it work. Get faster.

That's why this is the best damn sport on the planet, not sanitized Nascar, manicured, styled boy bander's, but real, down and dirty short track racing. The kind of racing that people like Joe Kaminski, and you, are so passionate about.

This weeks Rocker features tunes from The Dropkick Murphy's, Blake Shelton and a couple from Dierks Bentley:

Click here, turn up the speakers to "super loud" and enjoy in HD goodness...

Best Regards,

Jay Fish

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