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Actions Overboard; Craziness Indeed



If we don't see any more posts from mf21 we will know what ray thought about his name calling.

Priceless humor right there Randy, absolutely freaking priceless! LMTAO!!! :rofl:

Going to post only once on this topic, because it was disgusting display of behavior to see on both ends. So read carefully and take it all in. Sorry for the length, but sometimes to see the picture, one must paint the canvas first.

First and foremost I do not, and I repeat DO NOT, condone Ray Zemeken’s actions. Ray has a history of driving over aggressively, getting angry, and going after folks on and off the track. With that being said his actions were completely uncalled for going after Troy Palmer after their incident.

I am not aware of any history between the 2, however Ray did get into the back of Palmer coming off turn 2 and going down the backstretch. I did not see the exacts of how it happened as I was in turn 2 but at the end of the front stretch it appeared and i was told Palmer had sent Ray into the wall.

Ray got out of his car and at this time EVERYONE KNEW, and again I MEAN EVERYONE KNEW, he was going after the kid who dumped him. My only question is where was the bald headed guy from the safety truck? He ALWAYS gets in between people that are pushing and shoving, or fighting. In my opinion THE TRACK should have cut ray off right there. Tow truck drivers, safety crew, officials of any kind should have been there to pull Ray back or stop him in general right off the bat.

I am not bashing the track, taking shots at the bald headed guy (sorry don’t know his name), or insulting anyone from the track. So please, don’t make it out that way, I’m stating a fact; they know Ray Zemken, his history of going a bit haywire at times, and some responsibility lies with them in stopping him from acting foolish.

With that being said Troy Palmer stopped as Ray jumped in front of his car. Ray lunged inside of his car and started yelling and looked to me like more of a slap at his HELMET. Troy revved his car up, track officials stood by watching, and then Troy started driving away slowly. At this point any sane person would have LET GO OF THE FREAKING RACE CAR. Ray did not, he chose to hold on and jog along side of the car.

At this point TROY PALMER should have stopped! Instead HE CHOSE to speed up, which Ray couldn’t keep up. Ray holding on had his feet dangling, his right arm clinched on the door panel holding on, with his left hand holding the door as well. The look on his face was sheer terror, which most thought if he let go now he would flop under Palmers left rear tire. Ray was out of his mind for holding on that long and Palmer was DEAD WRONG to speed up.

Then the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen at a racetrack happened. Troy Palmer PURPOSELY and I don’t care what excuse he comes up with because I stood right there in turn 2 like always watching it happen, AIMED HIS CAR AT BRIAN GLEASONS AND PROCEEDED TO WIPE RAY OFF HIS CAR. This kid has a horrible temper. 2 weeks ago he went shoving, pushing, kicking, and screaming at Robert Bublak’s car with a temper tantrum.

Now he took a mans life and toyed with it. You do not, I don’t care how scared you are, how little you are, how old you are, I don’t even care, YOU DO NOT PURPOSELY PINCH A MAN BETWEEN 2 CARS AT 20-30 MPH! He should have stopped, taken Ray’s nonsense, and if need be had him tossed for striking a minor. On the same token if your going to put on your big boy pants, race with adults, and stuff them into the wall, YOU BETTER BE PREPARED FOR THE REPROCUSIONS!

It made me sick to see a HUMAN BEING purposely dragged down the track, and then stuffed between 2 cars, because of poor judgment by what legally is still a child. If it were I, they both would have been sent packing for the season. I would have said Ray go find a 12 pack and calm yourself down, your done and Troy go talk to your guidance counselor because you’re an angry young man. See you boys in 2012.

Folks, this is why you do not use your vehicle as a battering ram, weapon, or taxi. Finally as I mentioned, if you’re going to get into a car and race with grown men, be careful whom you drop into the wall, it just might be the craziest dude at the track in your division.

Worst-case scenario if Palmer sat still, he had a headache from Ray hitting him in the helmet. Best-case scenario, Ray broke his hand hitting the kids helmet and was sent to jail for striking a minor. Lesson here? If you’re a child and you play with adults on the track; then you better be prepared to deal with these men face to face.

That’s pretty much sums up all I have to say about it.

DING..serving notice :rtfm: my logic, is undeniable...

Source: Tracks Need Better Rules On Young Drivers


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