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My View On The Bellinger Fight & Warner Explosion At The Ridge



Made my third trip to Glen Ridge last night. Are the races always this out of control. There was some good racing and the food was excellent. But, the on track side shows, pit fights and general lack of control is worrisome. How many times can one car( yellow sportsman car) have a hissy fit and not get tossed. Hitting cars after races, spinning cars out after races, then getting out of car to fight and never get tossed. My god it was a wild west show. If that wasnt enough. I brought my 12 year old grandson to the track(a 2 hour ride). As i bring him to get an autograph, He gets to watch 3 or 4 thugs jump some guy in the pits and beat the hell out of him. 3 on 1 it looked like. No security that i could see. So we decide to leave that area of the pits to go back to grandstand, on our way here is the sportsman guy mentioned earlier having another hissy fit in the pits. Sorry i dont know anybodys names. I have been here before and am told this is the up and coming shining star track??? This post is meant to be constructive critisism. Folks, it looks like you could have something good here, but get control of the racers on the track then get control of them off the track. My god it was the Jerry Springer goes racing show.

Sorry for being so negative but i really didnt expect this track to be just another hole in the woods so the good ole boys had a place to fight. Maybe just growing pains, i hope that someone can step in and get control as this could be one hell of a place to watch races.

Vinny Donso

The yellow car your reffering to is Rocky Warner. He didn't hit anyone who didn't deserve it. Personally if it's a car I own and you hit it, run it over, or cost me money...you better be prepared for me being in your pit for a little one on one. I'm not normally a hot tempered guy, but there are 3 things you do not screw with; Me, my friends, or my money. Rocky has the same attitude; if you race him clean, he'll race you clean, you hit him, he'll hit you, if you drive into him like a clown shoe on the last lap, he will slap you silly. lol

The 3 on one fight you saw was current point leader Bodie Bellinger's father John, who has had a history of poor behavior at the race track. From what I was told by the fella he & 2 goons jumped who's name is Al, it was over a tire or rim. Why a fight broke out I can only speculate, but Jamike Sowle ended up getting shoved into the front of someone's car and hurt, then Varin broke up the fight. Absolutely should not be tolorated. Again let me say this clearly, I DO NOT condone fighting, however some guys need that "old school" ass thumping. No cops, no charges, just 2 men tossing fists, get it over with, and move on with life. Personally I belive more than fines should be handed out, the people that start the fight, push first or throw the first punch should get a 2 week vacation, driver docked points for the night, and the fine. Seriously, what a chump move to gang up 3 on 1, makes me sick to think what cowards it takes to do that.

If it were me, here's how i'd handle it and I play no favorites even though I know just about EVERYONE at the track and I am friends with many. This is how i see it in my own eyes so in the words of my pal Gasket, love it or shove it. lol :rambo:

Rocky Warner, your frustration is duly noted, you were angry, we all get that way from time to time. Here's a $300 fine, which will go into the point fund, for 2 weeks you start last in your heat and if you qualify you start last in the feature for slapping Munson in the head for running over you on the last lap.

John Bellinger here's a $500 fine for jumping a guy like a thug with 2 friends to help, you and those 2 boys are gone for 2 weeks, buh bye. Your son who has a history of being ROUGH will be starting last in his heat and the feature for the next 2 weeks due to your actions.

Far as Bobby goes, he used profanity? Yeah because that's something new at a race track. :rolleyes: I've heard much worse from many others, so i'm not worried when a guy gets a little hot under the collar and drops some F bombs or calls someone names. Bobby's an emotional guy, he isn't afraid to speak his mind, and everyone should be aware of it by now, move on.

Finally I'll say this, i do not belive in one person being responsible for another's actions. THis is why i don't feel you can hold a driver fully responsible for a crew member or car owners actions. HOWEVER I don't think there shouldn't be any punishment either. This is why i'd punish those who were directly involved in any physical altercations and their drivers would start last. Remember folks, everything you see happening has surrounding circumstances that may not be seen at first.

So honestly, it was a pretty wild night, i'm not going to lie and say it was peaches and cream, but i've seen WAY worse at other tracks. We can talk about cigars being put out in guys eyes, drivers racing on the track with no helmets just because they are mad, drivers waiting to dump other guys, fist fights, screaming matches, fires, window screens getting kicked out by a ninja kicking mayor, sprint car drivers gone goofy & kicked off the tour, and I could go on all day. lol But to say it was out of control because of 1 guy getting slammed by a child then slammed by someone who should know better and showing his frustrations and then 1 guy with a history of irratic behavior getting his pals to help him thump some poor guy like it was a hockey fight, is a bit over dramatic.

I've seen far far worse. I'm sure Mike & Jake will come to a decision, but I hope it sets a president going into the future that if this is what you do, here is your punishment. Hell if i know right up front i'm only getting a $300 fine for swatting some dumb ass in the mouth, i'mma show up with a pocket full of cash one week and just start swinging. LOLOL I joke i joke, i keed i keed :harhar:

Hope this somehow helps you better understand some things racestud99, I hope you come back to enjoy another maybe calmer evening of racing, and I hope your grandson wants to be a UFC fighter. LOL kidding…

DING...serving notice :rtfm: karma is a kick in the a$$. Oh and my logic is undeniable. :w00t:

Source: My trip to Glen Ridge


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