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Fonda Speedway Victory Lane Shout Outs Born!



Gotcha suckers. LOL I joke I joke, I keed, I keed! :harhar:

Now that your here, listen up. I've gone to more races that I can count and have met literally hundreds of people. I went to Brewerton and had a guy yelling my name, went to Accord people were like OH yeah I read your stuff all the time.

Last week at Utica met a fella from Canandaigua who said "oh your Hazer, I read your stuff all the time!" I'm vocal, outspoken, sometimes brash, and most of the time making a joke to lighten the mood at someone else's expense. LOL

Even though I blew my budget for racing this year so decided it was a rebuilding year, this has been one of the most fun years in racing I think I’ve ever had.

I don't want to ramble but I just wanted to say DC was right to a point when he commented on the maturity and growth he's seen in me. 5 years ago I would have typed stuff out, hammered away, and clicked send without even thinking about it.

Heck it wasn't a year or two ago I got a little tipsy and decided to blow up the forum. Outlaw said it was funny for the first 2 pages then he banned me for 4 years after he wasn't laughing any more. LOL (sorry George)

Now a day I try to proof read what I write and maybe look for a little more positive angle, even though I still am very passionate and not afraid to thunder away at guys if they need to be taken down a peg or two.

This year I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some awesome people like Brenda Worden and hanging out with her & Bobby Varin and enjoying the people behind the number on the side of the racecars I love to watch every week.

I got to know Elmo Reckner a bit more and appreciate the fact he is quite the old school, gentlemen racer who's soft spoken words sometimes have a sharp edge. Really one of the nice guys in the sport.

I would write about everyone, but this post would end up 10 times longer than it's already going to be. LOL I know a lot of great people in racing and I'll continue to support them. Everyone from around racing like the Boniface crew, to Kolby Schroder, Kim Herrick, Katelyn Kane, Big Time Little Tim, and just a bunch of others that I actually see every week. (if i didn't say your name it doesn't mean I forgot you, it means i'm trying to keep this under 400 words. lol)

Well this Saturday the coolest thing ever happened to me out of the blue! After a marathon race in the Mods, which I thought would never end, I had taken RJ in the little pool we always have. I said "listen Matty D was fast in the heats, Bobby loves a heavy track and this is a good track for him, but I can't pick against Ronnie, because he's got a good starting spot after the redraw, so I'll take RJ." Melissa Lazzaro who is always a delight to see and I call her Melizzaro, said if he wins she'd mention it.

Well she did and to have a guy like RJ endorse you in victory lane makes me want to run for track promoter somewhere. LOL Before anyone got back to turn 2 I had text's coming in saying "wow dude they were talking about you over the mic!" Of course right away I thought, "Great who'd I piss off now?" lol

It was to my surprise that RJ was looking for me on victory lane and had some pretty awesome things to say about me as him & Melizzzaro chatted on victory lane. Not to many things leave me speechless, but that kind of left me at awe.

It not only made me feel appreciated, but it made me appreciate the people I know in racing, the friends I have made over the years, and the sport I love. To be honest race fans, it made me feel very humble.

So I will publicly thank RJ for his kind words, his hospitality, and everything him, his family Shelley & Nikki, his crew, and his uncle Jeff do for me. I appreciate the endorsement in victory lane, the patience and time you share with others, and for liking my camo pants I was rocking! LOL

DING…serving notice :rtfm: what, you seriously thought there wouldn't be some sort of joke at the end? come on kids, i only do serious for 3 mintues at a time. LOL Oh and my logic is undeniable. :w00t:

Source: Fonda Speedway Again!?


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