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Teo Pro Car Sweeps Glen Ridge Opener



First thing's first, RELAX the title is a joke meant for laughs. If you can't take a joke on week one you're going to be irate by week 6. :harhar:

Forget the fact it was the highly touted Glen Ridge, forget that the big red machine known as team Gypsum was there, forget Friesen winning on the fastest ¼ mile on dirt, forget Sheppard breaking a cam in the heat, forget the sportsman beating each other up, and you can even forget Teo Pro Car swept the night in Bicknell Country. If you want to remember one thing from the Glen Ridge season opener; remember that racing season in the Capital District has officially started!


It was a decent night all around, which included highs and lows. Sheppard broke a cam (from what I was told) in the heat while pressuring Decker. Lightning Larry was stupid fast until he got what appeared to be a flat left front in the feature that threw him for a loop after he had taken a spot from his highly decorated team mate Billy Decker. Speaking of Decker he looked fast, powerful, and ready to wi-wi-wi-wi-win his first at The Ridge, but he’d have to get past “Shoey” Friesen and that didn’t happen. Stew was in beast mode though and nobody was getting him even in traffic. For all those wondering yes Bobby and Cass settled their differences; Varin ended up 3rd and Bennett 16th.

For the 2nd strait year Big Time Little Tim (Tim Hartman Jr.) won on opening night. It wasn’t easy though, as after making the pass for the lead on a Pessalano he would have to hold one back at the end of the race. Tim looked to be just a bit smoother through the middle, but Pessalano was quick-fast getting through the mid straits. This all happened after a series of accidents that included Anthony Perez & Chris Shaffer taking a spill off the backstretch and championship favorite Rocky Warner’s night ending with an accident on the front stretch including John Marsh Jr. Even the Rookie Sportsman race was, as Shane Andrews would say, a ding-dong dilly of a battle with Chris Adams and Dave Grace who raced clean and green with one another until the checkers. Even Tyler Dippel poked his nose in there at the end making it a 3-car race.

Mark Lestor ran away to win the Street Stock race and something knew happened in the Cruiser feature; a Hollenbeck won. (Note sarcasm here lol)

Best part of the night for me was seeing some people I had missed over the course of the winter and who in part keep me sane. Chatted with one of NYSSCA’s finest reps Christine Krosky, rapped with Korey Wilder who plans on running Fonda only this year (not ruling out specials at other tracks), and of course Butch Hazzard Jr. aka Mr. Bat Shat Crazy Jr’s Web Creations. Saw my homeboy Bob James and Tom Sczaban and caught up on all the crazy fun gossip that surrounds our beloved sport.

Proceeded to yap it up with Ice Cream Ed who’s always a fun chat. One day Ed and I will chat on his show and blow the roof off auto racing radio….AGAIN. Had a nice chat session with Mr. Jim Ellis of the Leader Herald and we went over printed media vs. digital. Yes we both agreed some (smile) are bringing digital media into the main stream. Saw my pal Don Davies who always stops to say hi to my pop and I. Grew up racing big wheels down a giant hill with his son Tiger until they stopped making them in my size. LOL Had a smart phone club meeting by the VIP tower with the Boehler family and discussed important things like carrying Justin’s girlfriend around like a backpack since she was cold. LOL

See folks I’m not all business at the track when I’m there, because I enjoy the people around the sport as much as I do watching the drivers put on a show. Ridge again next week one more time before the great race place opens and I have to split my time. Fonda’s Ice Jam up next with more race updates as I travel. Yes thanks Dean Reynolds for the advice, I sometimes think everyone knows all drivers. Lol Twitter’s a new toy for me, but as always it won’t be long before I master the objective.

Racing season is here race fans and I’m stoked! Wish my leg muscles were too, holly calf cramps to kill the average size guy. lol

MLIU :w00t:

PS…John Lutes Jr. was 14th

Glen Ridge Motorsports Park (Fastest 1/4 Mile On Dirt) April 6th, 2012 Racing Results

NAPA Auto Parts Modified Feature Results: Stewart Friesen, Billy Decker, Bobby Varin, Marc Johnson, Craig Hanson, Mike Ricci, Danny Tyler, Pat ward, JaMike Sowle, Jackie Brown, Brian Weaver, Larry Wight, Erik Nelson, John Lutes Jr, Bobby Vedder, Cass Bennett, Don Scarborough, Jeremy Wilder, Richie Price, Jimmy... Becker.

NAPA Auto Parts Sportsman Feature Results: Timmy Hartman Jr, Brian Pessolano, Fred Muhlberger, Brian Gleason, Shea Montgomery, Ken McGuire, Adam McAuliffe, Kurtis Hohensheldt, Chad Edwards, Tony Farone, Johnny Marsh Jr, Rocky Warner, Chris Schaffer, Anthony Perez, Nick Hotaling, Justin Forsthoffer.

NAPA Auto Parts Street Stock Feature Results: Mark Lestor, John Bradt, Jason Samrov, Gary English, Rob VanAernam, Wayne Rubshaw, Gus Hollner, Luke Horning, Nick Stone.

NAPA Auto Parts Cruiser Feature Results: Ken Hollenbeck, Chuck Wainwright, Keith Tesiero Jr, Pat McSpirit, Harley Shepard, #7, Chuck Wainwright Sr, Ben Riggi, Mace Phillips, Keith Tesiero Sr, #4x, #25, Dave West, Kerrie Hollenbeck.

NAPA Auto Parts Rookie Sportsman Feature Results: Chris Adams, Dave Grace, Tyler Dippel, Larry Niemier, Bill Fox, Mike Campbell, Nelson Passino.


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