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  2. Your right. I do say go where you want. 👍 I actually would throw Utica in the mix . Since the new promoter at Utica basically kept modified racing alive last year? What did Brewerton do?
  3. He basically is saying he would go to Can-am or Outlaw (probably outlaw) over Brewerton and Utica Rome first because they raced in 2020 but I say the hell with it and go where you want lol.
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  5. If I was going tonight. I would or lean towards one of the tracks that decided to support the racers/fans in 2020. 👍 What I am leaning toward though is saving my money tonight and going to the STSS Tuesday at Outlaw The land of legends opener would be my first choice. But I have some family obligations I did not really plan for the first three Canandaigua shows to be rained out
  6. Can't make any of them this week (had planned on UR last week). Looks like Canandaigua tomorrow.
  7. Add in Albany-Saratoga on Fridays and that's a lot of competition for cars on a Friday night with not a whole lot of mileage between them all. I hope it works out for every track and car counts are good.
  8. I’m headed home, immediately after work. If I’m lucky I might get to spend some time in my backyard this weekend, but I’ll have to play that by ear; I don’t want to risk another neighbour being in their backyard or someone could inform bylaw. Sure I’m saving money, but it’s not money I want - it’s the ability to enjoy those things that I love to do; mostly golf with friends and family. And irony, the current administration actually changed our tag line on the licence plates to “open for business” from “yours to discover”. Neither make sense these days.
  9. There's nothing stopping you from checking out multiple tracks each night on DTD Tv either. You just have to buy a ticket to each show as if you were going to go and sit in the grandstands.
  10. I'm headed to the recliner to stream the races...why? because I live in Florida now.....LOL
  11. I am within a 1h 30 min drive for all of these. I am picking Utica Rome tonight to see Sheppard vs. Stew but think I will try to get to all 4 tracks this year because they all are great. Where is everyone else headed and why?
  12. In head to head stats at Utica, Matt has more wins , top 5s and top 10s along with a better average finish according to race stat central. He also has 60 fewer starts but only 10 fewer wins than stew. I would put my money on those 2 vs the field 99% of the time anywhere, but It’s a toss up between them when you get to familiar ground for Matt. He’s been off at places he doesn’t frequent as much, but he will be extremely fast at places he sees often.
  13. I said this before. Stew in Tom Cullen’s 1WGC was unstoppable. He did to U-R what he’s doing to Fonda now. It became boring to go there after awhile.
  14. I agree with you. I didnt see he would be there until I read it last night. I think he would have to be the favorite.
  15. I’m guessing/hoping it’s a totally different racing surface so that might play a factor in who wins
  16. Auto Racing Research Associates Welcomes New Contributor! Ringoes,NJ – ARRA, Auto Racing Research Associates are happy to announce that they have welcomed another contributor into their wide reaching pool of sources of auto racing stats and information outside of their membership of two dozen nationwide historians. From the state of Maine, ARRA welcomes Kurt Wood. Kurt got in touch with ARRA President Fred Voorhees asking if the respected group of dedicated auto racing historians could use the research he was doing on the early years of the NASCAR organization? “The email came o
  17. Yesterday
  18. He may be the odds on favorite, but Matt owned the place the last few seasons he called UR home. I believe the first of which stew raced there weekly as well.
  19. The commercials annoy me so badly I’d buy a new truck before I purchased a 1 dollar part with free shipping from them to fix my current one.
  20. I understand your pricing model, but it would be nice if it was more like Floracing.. You can check out multiple tracks each night. A few weeks ago I watched some Heat Races and the Modified Features from Bridgeport and Fonda and 410 Features from Port Royal and Lincoln.
  21. I'll make a point I made in another thread. I am curious to know if the other sports in the Flo platform have the same level of ads that the racing side does? If not, that sucks for us since they're paying the same $150/year that we are but we're the ones getting the ads. And as someone else said, I agree that if you are only rotating the same four or five ads it can have the opposite effect where I will go out of my way not to do business with these companies. I feel like RockAuto has scaled back but now it's Progressive (I think?). I've also had the experience where the ad jus
  22. Is everyone forgetting that Stew has literally dominated U-R for the quite a few years? He's had 54 wins in 13 seasons.....I'd say he is the odds on favorite
  23. Fair enough. For what it’s worth, I love Rock Auto. Cheapest parts I’ve found. Haha
  24. I’d pay 350 a year if I never had to see another rock auto commercial.
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