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  2. would be so much nicer if it would not buff continuously throughout the entire event.
  3. This is a time of year where the iPad, laptop, phone can come in handy. Great problem to have!
  4. Today
  5. I hear you. However, last night I was flipping between ASCoC and Lucas, and nothing was happening for a long time. When those odd mods were running Volusia, they didn't air them. And they had light problems at East Bay.
  6. A dirt track fan's dream night . ASCoC sprints from Volusia STSS mods at All-Tech Lucas lates at East Bay All 3 shows on Flo tonight all at the same time !!
  7. Ashton Winger won the race last night. Tuesday night. He led every lap. Seems as though you must of watched a replay of Monday
  8. Great turn out even with guys sitting out. Wasn't the best racing last night, Millwood put on a show at the end so it ended on a high note. No one was touching Terdbowl, he was fast. Well except for I think it was Winger who tried to pass him on the outside and Terd did all he could without actually putting Winger in the wall holding him off. He had to hear Winger because he had been tight on the bottom right up till Winger tried to pass him then he goes high and almost took both of them out. After that Terdbowl was never really challenged as everyone gave up on the top except for Millwood. That guy acted like he won the race he was so happy.
  9. I can’t help but to give you some love I have issues too. For the most part great app.
  10. Yesterday
  11. This is from Kenny Schrader’s Facebook page, First night at Volusia County Speedway for the Federated Auto Parts dirt car nationals. We qualified ninth in group A which had 51 cars. started third in the third of six features and finished fifth. First night in the new car five more to go!! Glenn Styres 13th in the fifth feature in our team car!
  12. What kind of trouble are you having ? Both of those programs work flawlessly for me .
  13. Has anyone had any luck with myracepass? I cant make it work on a desktop and customer support has done absolutely nothing. Race Monitor has many glitches, but it is easy to use and user friendly.
  14. I wondered the same thing. I doubted the midget and the UMP Mod were his. I suspected a lease/borrow deal for both because it makes no sense to own either for him. Reading some of the replies here, my hunches were right.
  15. Glenn was inducted into the Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame in 2022 as well.
  16. Following the first week, all divisions will use handicapping to determine their lineups.
  17. This^ is what I would like to do as well. Back up plan being Williams Grove/Selinsgrove
  18. a local told me that next yr is the last and its a done deal which is believeable because that big mountain of dirt is getting awful close to the track.
  19. I think it’s next year, but I’ve also heard that the closing might not actually happen.
  20. There are teams that raced last night that will take tonight or tomorrow off. There are guys that took last night off that will race tonight or tomorrow. it’s just the way these early week shows at East Bay are.
  21. talked to one of his crew guys and he told me that no points till thurs and for $5000 to win the car stays in the trailer. i would have waited till thurs if i knew that, but i did get to east bay before it closed and i did enjoy it.
  22. They don’t count points till Thursday. Some teams will take nights off till then.
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