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  2. That is a fair point. No need for two groups of there’s only enough cars for one. I still say the fairest qualifying system of all would be to draw for heats, then qualify. Thing is, you only truly qualify against your heat. Then, each guy in said heat qualifies either in successive 3 car groups or, optimally, all at once, so the track dropping off really isn’t an issue for anybody. The whole night from then on is straight up. No redraws or inverts. Fast time overall would still get a bonus or whatever.
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  4. I didn't think radios were ever allowed weekly unless the race was at least 50 laps? Saying Hearn won once in the 358s in 1994 and twice in 1995 is somewhat misleading since Modified drivers were not allowed to run 358s weekly for 1994.
  5. S There are a couple of incentives currently. $$$ to fast qualifier and points for fast time. There are a couple of different options you could add. Lets say you run TT and invert the first 4 or 6 in the heat. You could always guarantee that the fast timer in each heat makes the redraw as long as they finish in a qualifying position in the heat. There are many options that could make this work. What doesn't work as far as entertaining racing is a starting lineup determined straight up from TT.
  6. Why even bother having time trials then? What's the incentive in cutting a good lap?
  7. After time trials, it works well for USAC. Spinning the wheel is good as well if you think the top guys are going to dog it to be up front. Anything but straight up from time.
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  9. Steven Snyder will drive the 2nd Chase McDermand entry. http://40S/Steven Snyder Jr/Chase McDermand-Mounce-Stout
  10. Good to know. I’m trying to write history apparently. Takes a lot of posts to do so. Especially when 5 mile, ocfs, Glen ridge and accord are apparently all in the same area…..lots of ground to cover.
  11. I’m guessing he wants the Eldora invert. They qualify, then a wheel is spun to determine the invert for the heats.
  12. Straight up from time trials truly is the fairest of all qualifying. It doesn’t particularly lend itself to what is considered good racing, though.
  13. Yes, it eliminates the rare time where there was a stacked heat which created interesting passing possibilities. Now, if they inverted the top 4 or 6 in each heat, they would be on to something.
  14. I didn't think it was possible to create even less passing in the heats but this should do it.
  15. Just to let you know, despite the effort, you are not going to catch Leroy's number of posts.
  16. I will agree that the ads are getting more frequent but if it keeps the price at $150, I can live with that. It's also good to see they are getting large national companies buying ad time.
  17. Nothing like the STSS. They will still time trial they’ll just be time trialing against all cars instead of just their “group” then quick timer will be pole of heat 1, 2nd will be pole of heat 2, and so on
  18. Super DIRTcar Series (Feb. 15-18) – With four nights of racing this year, drivers will contend for a larger overall purse. The Features Wednesday through Friday, Feb. 15-17, will pay $5,000 to win and Saturday’s (Feb. 18) Feature will pay $7,500 to win. They’ll also see the testing of a new format for the four non-points events. Like the World of Outlaws, drivers will now draw for their qualifying order and their qualifying result will determine which Heat Race they’ll be in and where they’ll start. The top-two finishers from each Heat Race will go to the redraw.
  19. If you like Jack Daniels, the Jack Danieis Single Barrel Barrel Proof is some of the tastiest whiskey I’ve ever had. You should check that out sometime.
  20. Um Stewart Friesen? Does that name ring a bell. Think he moved to Fonda to dominate after but raced a couple seasons at Five Mile and I pretty sure that wasn't 30 years ago. And many drivers called it home once in a while like Mike Ricci as did Mitch Gibbs. Anthony Perrego in his early years of big blocks raced at Five Mile every chance he got. Pat Ward always loved racing at Five Mile. Matter of fact there are a lot of drivers who liked going to Five Mile for the specials. Even in the last few years some of Andy's crappy paying Sunday races drivers made it a point to hit. Even though it paid less than a regular Saturday or Friday night at their home tracks. And yes, I base everything on the product I see on the track, because that is why I go to a track, THE PRODUCT ON THE TRACK. I could give two shits about paved walk areas and a beer garden if the racing sucks. You don't need big names, big sponsors, and a pretty facility to have great racing every week. Orange County had Big Names, Big Sponsors didn't help them bring in fans. You have been spoiled dude, you live in the "rich" area of dirt modified racing. Legendary tracks that have launched legendary careers and have hosted legendary races through the years. We had OCFS till the dark times came in the 2000s. Accord has always struggled, as of course Five Mile and the other tracks in that area. Heck even Glen Ridge has fought and lost and fought and lost to stay relevant. You've never had to truly endear with watching your tracks struggle. How about you just enjoy what you had and stop trying to write our history.
  21. I'm thinking this could be his last season. If they can pull together a .400 season I'll be surprised.
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