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  3. Stewart Friesen confirmed for Fonda and Port Royal as well, Kevin Root confirmed for Oswego.
  4. Maybe Drellos thinks he is playing a video game? No big deal to get into other drivers when you cant pass them cleanly. He is building a history for himself.
  5. I went to last years classic that was run this year on memorial day weekend . They charged $55 to get in and had 24 cars . I sat in the back grandstand that was 95% empty. IMO Oswego is shooting themselves in the foot charging $55 for that caliber of a show as they are charging that much again next month . I will not be returning.
  6. Joey is a hot head at times and screwed up big time Bruno did what he had to do and lucky no one was hurt That being said it's time Drellos had few things explained out to him He started this whole thing and is leaving ruins in his wake .......Scarborough family probably has been involved in that area racing since 1960 so it's a no win situation that Drellos put Bruno in and also pulled same BS at Malta and also put management in bad spot with Tremont family supporting HC since day one Drellos has won 10 races at Devils Bowl and has talent and car to pass others without the BS ...
  7. $$$ wise yes, but that small wing isn't the answer. The answer is the big wing. Other than tougher on the engines, that solves the majority of the problems. Older cars are still competitive, you can draw from multiple sources and there are off the shelf things you can do to tone down the speeds a little. Don't expect more than 30 cars for Classic... If they even get that.
  8. If all goes well….maybe they can put dirt on Oswego and leave it there!
  9. Haha I was thinking the same thing when I saw this. Crazy.
  10. There’s cars out there; they’re just split among 3 stubborn sanctioning groups. Get on the same page with rules (small wing seems to be the least painful $$$ wise) and run one Supermodified tour. Maybe Oswego gets 6 races and serves as a ‘home base’ but also you’d have Sandusky, Lee, Thompson, Seekonk, Lorain, etc… anyone who thinks that all three groups are going to survive another 3 years is fooling themselves.
  11. I just want to make sure I understand this correctly. Scarborough runs into the wrong parked racecar in the pits and at the same moment, the racecar pushes a fence into a porta john that houses the owner/promoter doing his business? You can't make this stuff up.
  12. What is modified about a modified these days? The rules in most classes are very tight, no one designs their own cars anymore. Every car looks exactly like the other doesn't matter who the chassis maker is. I remember a day back when I use to be able to tell the difference of the chassis just by a quick look at the body, and quite a few I had no idea. But that was a great thing, the best part of Syracuse was seeing all the different style cars. I was always excited to see two cars Toby Jr. and Bob McCreadie, they always seemed to have a unique twist to their cars. The first car shows of the ye
  13. He brought a fleet of cars to a lot of tracks. I wish I still had the picture from the Victoria 200 at fulton about 06-07, we all parked down at the bottom of the hill and there were like 7-8 cars all lined up. One year during family autograph night Jeff ordered like 1,000 JIR Motorsports Tshirts and gave them all away for free and the next race we went back the grandstands were like 90% blue shirts… it was awesome haha
  14. Super Mods are really the last of what a true modified should be. There is nothing "modified" about most modified classes anymore.
  15. So Amazon Fire TV will have an app this week? Maybe before Wednesday maybe?
  16. 50/50 was $2300 and change. Crowd was a late arrival as always. They moved the show along pretty well for Oswego standards. Even with the rain delay and big 350 crash we were in the car and rolling at 9:15. Car count was light... 23 BB's... 2 of which were basically scratches out of the gate. If Stephens hadn't broke he had something for Lichty. So did Otto if he didn't have to start in Fulton. All in all, I was not displeased with what I saw. That said, I think the writing is on the wall for my beloved Super Modifieds. Too expensive and they're really a one trick pony. No matte
  17. Having subscribed to Flo for 3 years now, I enjoyed being to pause, or go back during the live stream. This update will make DirtVision more user friendly. IMO
  18. I think the punishments are good. It's not the first time Dominic has had issues on the track a sit down for a week is fine. As for Joey, after that stunt I wouldn't allow him back ever. If I was another promoter at a track he may come to run at, I would let him know he isn't welcome.
  19. Thanks for the heads up. A bit of a PIA to get it working on the Living Room TV but at least I should hopefully be ready for LoL on Wednesday. Assuming it doesn't log me out before then.
  20. I thought the video posted in the pits was of the Scarborough car. not Drellos yes I will be at Canandaigua.
  21. Im sure there is a former driver of the 111 looking down on us all with a BIG smile on his face. He would be the guy to bench Drellos back in the day. Also, common sense will tell you that if Kenny Tremont was at the end of his rope with this kid there was definitely a good reason for it.
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