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  1. And I remember Speedway Illustrated once had an article along the lines of things that were wrong about racing that make it less desirable in attracting fans and one of the reasons cited was “ugly cars like the modifieds at East Windsor” when they had sail panels.
  2. Cars with sail panels look ridiculous to me. One thing they don’t look like is a race car. They look bush league.
  3. I have a ton and did a couple swings in 2018 and 2019 to Canada and a bunch of tracks that it’s unlikely I’ll have a chance to get to anytime soon, getting all sorts of track and driver t-shirts. During the pandemic I started eating right and working out, lost 50 pounds and now have about 20 years of shirts that are way too big. Good problem to have I suppose.
  4. Decker is here. Sheppard’s apparel people are here. No idea who else.
  5. I’d rather watch high dollar modified teams in our area versus those crappy, more affordable IMCA modifieds that are the norm across the rest of the country even if means less cars.
  6. Bringing in two die hard race fans in isn’t helping bring new fans into the mix. Having a facility that you aren’t embarrassed to bring a non-fan to is a way to attract new people. I’d take someone to a race at Weedsport but not a chance I’d take them to some place like Thunder Mountain or Grandview. I’ve been to a ton of tracks that on a given night the passing was minimal or the dust was terrible. But things like good lighting, video boards, sanitary rest rooms, and food concessions are there every night. Now, if the racing is ALWAYS follow the leader and boring (e.g. Lebanon Valley, NYS
  7. Been working fine for me. Must say I’ve been slightly amused by the local Penn Can announcer referring to STSS announcer Jeff Ahlum as Jeff Holland all night. Ahlum obviously too nice a guy to correct him.
  8. I know there will be haters out there. That’s the world we live in. But the dude seems like a genuinely nice guy. I think I’ve watched enough hours Mandee Pauch’s videos to determine that. I’ve been to three races in the last year and he dropped out of the last two and I feel really bad for him because he’s been thisclose to getting one of those signature wins. It will happen and,l I, for one, will be really happy when it does.
  9. Getting back in the swing of things after a year on the spectating sidelines. Couldn't find a 2021 version on this site and I think there was another one that was posted on some other site in the past. To clarify, this was the schedule of ALL modified events not just the Super Dirtcar Series or Short Track Super Series. Thanks!
  10. Never went to Oktoberfest but used to go to the end of March Super Dirt Series lidlifter at Hagerstown but probably hasn’t been one in a long time. First big race of the year and got a great cross section of SDS regulars and NJ and PA teams anxious to race somewhere after a long winter. Paired with sightseeing to Antietam National Battlefield and Harpers Ferry, WV another cool trip and a really good track. I think I made that long trip only to get rained out a couple times but after no races for 5 months I’d take the chance even with an iffy forecast. Deyo seems to be creative and finds diffe
  11. Grandview is racy but sometimes too much. Big banking in the corners and short straightaways so they can fly there. But a lot of banging for mods. I like it for sprints. The distance to Grandview for me is about the same as OCFS and Bridgeport but I never choose to go there unless it’s a midweek or special show so that says something I guess. If you’re sitting anywhere from the start of front stretch around the 3rd and 4th turns visibility is often an issue for me because of the dust but also because the lights are on the inside of the track. Lighting used to be an issue at the old 5/8 Bridgep
  12. I’m in New Jersey but Super DirtCar Series races at Weedsport are races I hate to miss. They’ve done a fantastic job revamping the whole experience there. First class operation. They’ve thought of everything. Big HD video board in the infield, videos in the concession area, a big one in the midway where they have an outdoor pub and often have a live band pre and post race. The Dirt Motorsports Hall of Fame on the property with tons of memorabilia from years gone by and lots of cool race cars too. And the track is probably less than 3/8 mile so no infield obstructions. It’s specials only but
  13. My first airplane trip and tickets to the 1981 Daytona 500 with my dad for Christmas. Richard Petty with his seventh and last Daytona 500 victory of course. We stayed at relatives beach house at Ponce Inlet on the beach and there was an asphalt modified parked next door. It was a black #17 and my father asked who the driver was and the guy said “Maynard Troyer” who we had never heard of!!!! Went to New Smyrna Speedway the Friday before the 500 and got my first glimpse of Richie Evans and his 61 modified and my only glimpse at Gary Balough in his #112 late model but unfortunately the
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