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  1. Pauch Jr can’t run NES? Haven’t heard that news anywhere….
  2. That’s one thing about Supercross that took me awhile to get used to - the deliberate blocking and cutting people off. I understand it’s accepted by those guys, but can you imagine some of those moves happening in a Mod or Sprint 😆? Fists would be flying every night… 😆
  3. I could swear I heard they are replacing it with a new bridge, same spot but higher and longer…?
  4. Smith had a hell of a comeback in the LCQ, just to get parked on the last corner coming to the finish. Plessinger had that 450 race won and then made a bonehead move with a lap to go. Did feel bad for him though, but he should get one before the end of this year. Tomac has looked out to lunch the last few weeks (Daytona aside). As far as Selinsgrove goes… people bitch all the time about wanting a tacky, fast track. I think 95% of drivers would disagree, and I’m sure 100% of the guys paying the bills would as well. Tacky tracks are murder on engines and drivetrain now, that’s just the way the cars have evolved. I’d bet they are more than happy to spend money on a good shock program than replacing destroyed components after a race like that.
  5. If you’re my age, you grew up on a different Series than what it is today… I remember regulars being Hearn, Horton, Hoffman; Danny, Alan, and Jack Johnson; Tremont, Paine, McCreadie, Billy Decker…. I’m even old enough to have seen Cagle, Lape, and Lazzaro when they were 5 night a week travelers. Problem is….time waits for nobody. All of those listed above are long since retired, past their prime, or gone completely 😞. What we have now is a different breed of racers, a different type of racing, and with very few exceptions, only sporadic flashes of greatness. The cars being so equal now has given the impression of a diluted talent pool IMO. With less than a handful of exceptions. Races are very, very seldom won from 24th anymore but rather from a fortuitous outing at the redraw ceremony. I wouldn’t say that the SDS regulars today are short on talent, but most of them likely will not have the consistent dominance that put them in the same category as the stars of the 80s and 90s. JMO….
  6. Enough for a decent heat race. I think this illustrates how bad the fragmentation of the Modified division is. BB, spec 358, open 358, Deyo rules, WRG rules, etc… in contrast, a LM is a LM and a 410 Sprint is a 410 Sprint pretty much wherever you go 🤷🏼‍♂️
  7. Well that’s a relief. Because we NEED more warehouses you know…. (yes, sarcasm)
  8. I do have a pic on my phone but it won’t post because it says it exceeds file size parameters. It’s not a great pic, it’s a Victory Lane shot at Penn Can.
  9. Yes, Matt Solomon drove a Binghamton Whalers sponsored #31 in the late 80s. The car was built by Tim Murphy in my uncle’s shop in the winter of ‘84-85.
  10. They have multiple huge TV boards on the infield so you can see the TV feed when the cars aren’t in front of you. And since Penske took over they have smaller monitors in what seems like every section of the grandstand. I’ve never felt like I missed anything important on the track. Saturday and Sunday morning before the race are as much a draw for me as the race itself. So much to see and do leading up to the green flag.
  11. Bucket Lists are dangerous. I went to Indy in 2012 to cross it off the List… Been back every year since 🏁😬
  12. I have gotten into it the last few years since both of my boys love it. I was at the race in Dallas on Saturday and it was quite the event. Great racing, tons of people, and the pre race lead ins really get the crowd into it. Only downer was paying what seemed like $100 for anything in that stadium. Jerry Jones does not believe in bargains that’s for sure! 😬
  13. My situation exactly. Two years community college, transfer to Binghamton University for my Bachelor’s. Zero debt when I graduated. Allowed me to save money (aside from the racing fix, lol) and pay off my house well before 50. There’s ways to get ahead, you have to be willing to work hard and live beneath your means. Same could be said for racing budgets I suppose 😏
  14. Brick and mortar stores closing every day… if anyone has ever seen the movie Wall-E, that’s where we’re headed as a society. Fat and lazy, everything coming to us in our comfy chairs. As this pertains to Middletown, I already have Eastern States 200 penciled in. Even if it will be another 9s benefit race 😆
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