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  1. At what point does a shrinking Modified field become a turn off to fans? 18 cars? 15? 12? 10? Look at ISMA to see how quickly fans lose interest when the car counts dwindle.
  2. And when Sprint people see Modifieds come out they have the same reaction. It’s all relative.
  3. Admittedly I don’t have the same opinion as most people on here when it comes to Modifieds. I get it that BB act and perform differently than a 358, but honestly I would rather watch a 30 car show where the field is more evenly matched than an 18 car show where the same 3-4 guys win 80% of the races. Again….JMO When you talk about the overall health of the sport from a competitors standpoint, or a track owners standpoint, neither of those classes can compete with the health of the 602 Sportsman. But unfortunately very few people are willing to accept them as a headline division.
  4. Here’s a rhetorical question that I’m sure I will get blasted for asking, but I’ll ask anyway. Because I’m a logical guy… If it’s such a disadvantage for guys to run a BB against 358s with a weight break…. Why are they even running big blocks anymore? I mean wouldn’t it stand to reason that if you could go the same speed or faster with a 358 at 2200 lbs than a BB at 2400….? Especially when one engine costs almost twice as much as the other….🤔
  5. Sadly this is true. I’m not sure any track around gets more than 20 big blocks weekly anymore. Even LV has had a few 358 teams filling out the field lately…
  6. I may be out to lunch here, but what has changed about the track? I’ve been there twice since it was ‘remodeled’ and I didn’t notice anything different about the actual track itself. What am I missing? I’ve always thought if they pushed in the turn 4 and turn 1 guardrails about 5 more feet they’d make the racing better, but as far as I can see it’s been like that since the early 90s…
  7. Thank Jamie Weaknecht, he puts in a lot of time and effort tracking all of that stuff. 👍🏼
  8. I kick myself constantly for not making the Hoosier Hundred after going to Indiana all these years now.
  9. Agree with this. I’d love a good efficient 2-3 division show. The endless stream of meaningless heat races does nothing for the entertainment value ... pet peeve of a lot of people I think is a trio of 5 car heats for a 15 car field. UGH!! Can’t tell you how many people I hear gripe about that at tracks.
  10. What is IMW? Indiana Midget Week? We’re leaving Friday to go to Indy. Silver Crown and Midgets on Friday night and then the 500 on Sunday.
  11. Just out of curiosity, what is your ‘opinion’ based on? The fact that she routinely runs with and/or beats some of the best drivers in the game? In two different premiere divisions? Oh wait, she must only have good results due to the ‘unlimited resources’ at her disposal. Because everyone knows she gets the ‘special’ cars and engines that nobody else can get right?
  12. Can’t speak for anyone, but I imagine they could add in a couple races stateside maybe? I think given the overwhelming positive response to OctoberFast last year, they could maybe think about a summer series of 4-5 races to make up for the lost Canadian events.
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