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  1. Honestly I think the cars all looking exactly the same, and in most cases actually BEING the same, is a big factor. There used to be 5 or 6 chassis builders plus the occasional guys like Plazek or Heotzler or Kisacky that built something different. Bodies were different, you had a choice of tire brands and compounds, fuel, etc…. Now you have almost exclusively Bicknell cars in any given race. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  2. I have heard the same from a few people this season already. Next to no excitement at all about Modified racing. The LV series race was 3 days ago and still not one word about it on here. From people I spoke to that were there, it was incredibly dull with next to no atmosphere at all. Not sure what the answer is, but I find myself paying more attention to Lucas Oil LM and High Limit Sprints on Flo…
  3. I lost all respect for Rahmer after he nearly killed Lucas Wolfe at the Grove one night.
  4. My bad, it was 2 years ago. May 14th, 2021. And it was a 35 lap race. https://www.speedsport.com/weekly-racing/northeast/friesen-crushes-utica-rome-modified-field/
  5. Just last year at Utica, Friesen drew the pole and lapped the entire field except for Shepherd who was 2nd. Feature went non stop, and if I remember right it was only either 30 or 50 laps.
  6. I always liked Brewerton and Fulton. Good car counts, fast shows, and the right amount of divisions.
  7. For the record, I am repulsed by anyone that would harm a child in this way. But there’s one double standard that has bugged me about all this… people lump all of religion (especially Catholics) into the same heinous category because of the actions of an extremely small percentage of their clergy. The coverup of their guilt was to ‘protect the church’ as they say. Yet the exact same actions at Penn State have long since been forgiven and people adore their beloved football program as if nothing ever happened. Penn State’s vile acts were covered up to ‘protect the football program’ and were only punished by a measly slap on the wrist (losing a few scholarships and Bowl game appearances 🙄). Hell, SMU got the DEATH PENALTY in the 80s for paying players, I guess that crime was worse than raping little boys in the shower?? Disgusting…. Anyway, my point is, why in one case do we condemn the whole entity but in the other case we let everything slide after the few guilty ones have been punished? Im not sure how either situation has anything to do with Five Mile’s pit prices… but here we are 😆
  8. The two races, on TV anyway, could not have been more polar opposite. The Sprint race was excellent with a mid pack starter winning and passing in the top 5 throughout. The Modified race was over after the redraw.
  9. Kenny Tremont ran Sportsman at Devils Bowl for years; Hell Brett Hearn even ran a Sportsman at Middletown a few years back and nobody complained. So that begs the question…. Do you go to the track to watch the drivers or the cars? Because if you took every driver at LV or Canandaigua or Fonda and put them in 602 cars, would the show be any less?
  10. I was a proponent of this years ago and I was flamed to no end. I can’t speak for everyone, but I personally would rather watch a 30 car Sportsman program than a 12 car Modified show. But I’m weird anyway….
  11. Penn Can had 17 last night, and they don’t even run against Afton anymore. Glen Ridge has had 12 I think as their high so far. It will be interesting to see what Five Mile draws tomorrow. Makes you appreciate what Fulton and Brewerton have going on, they are both very strong comparatively.
  12. Modified racing is in dire straits right now, and I’ve been saying for 10-12 years now that this day was coming. Dirt Modifieds have been going down the same road as Supers in terms of exploding car costs. It shouldn’t cost a weekly Saturday night guy $30-40K plus for an engine to be competitive; or $3500 to buy a jigsaw puzzle factory body that looks like nothing; etc…
  13. * one thing I will add about Afton…. I wish they would move the flag stand about 100 feet further down the front stretch. It seems like it’s right in the middle of Turn 4 for some reason. Kind of the opposite of Dundee….
  14. I give them credit for sticking with that Truck series. I’d have bailed on that a few seasons ago, it just seems like a money pit to me. And the caliber of racing is awful in terms of rough driving and crashing. But it’s not my money, and they have their own goals to reach. So good on them 👍🏼
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