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  1. I’m thankful my usual Saturday evening track Grandview races 2 divisions maybe 3 at most
  2. I commented to a friend “I haven’t seen a downtube modified in 20 years
  3. Listen to Highside Hustle Jared Umbehauer is the guest He clearly says how he thinks the track is
  4. At least 1 driver said it’s not much better still on the bottom 1 lane track
  5. I wish they had scheduled a race at Gview next week WoO teams just sit in pa for 5 days that can’t help those teams any
  6. Saturday Grandview had 36 cars any other modified tracks get 30? must be doing something correct on the hill
  7. WoO crowds HUGE in PA NJ this past week
  8. Kind of weird to spend the off season building race cars and decide now
  9. Good evening KAM Family, Friends and Fans. This is just a little unconventional as it has nothing to do with our KAM Fueled Racing Team. But I would like to stay on course with my last post and give some more props to my younger generations. At the Willman shop there are three bays. One for the Willman #74W, one for the KAM #291 and the other houses the Tyler James #13 sportsman. Once again, I say unconventional because we have no relation to the #13 other than sharing the space. A kind gesture by John. But I do have a very good reason to mention Team #13. A young team that has a vested interest and takes pride in what they are doing. They are in the garage getting a car together, set up, fix up, washed and cleaned up and ready for the next go round at the track. They pretty much keep to themselves and work hard. I’m sure there are times John has lent a hand or gave some of his valued advice, but for the most part they know what they are doing. They have fun and play grab ass with each other, however when push comes to shove, the #13 Team is all business. When they get to the track, they are all business. Team #13 and driver Tyler James will find Victory Lane this year. You can quote me on that. For me, I find it refreshing to realize there are good kids out there. And like I said, unconventional post. Tyler would like to pass on his thanks to his hard working family, crew and supporters. Brian James, Brianna James, Tim O’neil, Rob Swavley, Dirk Amole, Steve Sterner, Chris Garberina, Ray Gradwell, Ritchie Hitzler, Dylan Pence, Scott Pence, Rasheed Rushing, John and Beth Willman, Grandmother and Grandfather and Tyler’s girlfriend Lauren. And you can’t forget sponsors....Excellence Automotive Services, Superior Metal Products Co., JC’s Landscaping and Lawn Service, Total Lawn Maintenance, Joe Adams Lettering, Leindecker Race Engines and TJ Racing. And lastly. Keep your eyes, ears and mind open. These young men and women are the future of the sport we love. They are the next Jeff, Duane, CVD and a few others. Tyler James, Jimmy Lieby, Dylan Swinehart, Decker Swinehart, Adrianna Delaponti, Jesse Hirthler, Logan Bauman, Dylan Pence, Joey Vaccaro, Cole Stangle and countless others...to many to mention. I might be a little bias and a little hesitant, but I would like to add my sidekick Alex Bartorillo to this list. He has not turned a lap on the Bechtelsville oval yet, but we are hoping to get him on the track in 2022 and take a few tours. You think I’m a train wreck now with John and our #291 on the track?? Just wait until the kid is out there. All I can say is “basket case”. Donny – KAM Fueled Racing Family PR Director PS: Tyler and Team #13 will be racing this weekend at Big Diamond Friday and Grandview on Saturday. Checker time!!
  10. But yet they get the Highest car count of modifieds at Gview, I wonder why?
  11. Good evening all. As most of you know, racing is pretty much a money pit. There are some teams that do very well and are funded nicely with great sponsorship. Some fall into it and some work hard to please their sponsors and work hard to keep them. It may be a losing proposition, but let’s face it, we all love the sport and are dedicated to it. We all put in a lot of our own blood, sweat, tears...and cash. We bleed racing. I feel it is in the upmost importance to keep your driver, car and crew relevant and in the news. Exposure. Share. Meet and Greets. Racing publications. So often, fans relate to the race cars on the track, but never know the driver and crew behind that car, let alone the sponsors and what services they provide. Take some time when you are at the track and get to know who is behind the wheel and the crew that puts forth a big effort to get that car and driver on the track. Take an interest who is listed and highlighted on the doors, roof, hood, sail panels and even the cornpickers. I can pretty much guarantee you the appreciation will be threefold and you may walk away with a different opinion. And you will also make a race team feel important and inspired. I must apologize. I got off track for a moment. My main purpose with this post is to give props to our 2022 sponsors. Without the help of sponsorship the racing world would be a very small circle. My definition of sponsorship is broad. To me, it’s more than just dollars. I see sponsorship as cash, products, services, promotion and physical and emotional support. It all ties in with making a team effort and keeping a car rolling. We are lucky enough to have some great sponsors that serve and support the KAM Fueled #291 and the Willman #74W. The sponsors on our cars are pretty much identical but the support may be different from one car to the other. But we feel the look and layout on both cars with the same sponsors complement one another and look professional. And why not give double exposure to the sponsor. It’s like a buy one, get one free deal. A twofer. LOL. Take a look on who is on our cars this year. You never know when you may need one of their services. Hampton Brothers Truck Repair, P & J Auctions, Weikel Sportswear, Chad Shalaway Design, Dex-Sam Lawncare, Penske Racing Shocks, Wide Open Technologies, D & D Collision, Warren and Krista Floyd, Bicknell Racing Products, Teo, Simpson, Wix Filters, Brad Penn, Swift Springs, Fast Axle, Mr. Leak, America Metal Finishers, DMI, LCR Jr. Services, KAM Fueled Racing, John Willman Motorsports. Donny – KAM Fueled Racing Family PR Director
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