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  1. My beard didn't give it away? How drunk were you ?
  2. I had about 6 big Johnson shirts. I guess I should have turned them inside out when I ate.
  3. I think that is a race that no one wins. But it was a great way to send someone off.
  4. Before they raised the corners I think Danny was in charge of keeping the grass from growing over the last inch or 2 of possible traction around the outside of the track. It usually ment that the right rear was hanging off the front stretch from turn 4 all the way to 1.
  5. When I was little. Well smaller than I am now. We would sit in the front row and had a blanket with us. If it was wet weather before the races, we had the blanket across our laps. When you saw a car heading for the moat you held the blanket up to block the mud and water that was coming when they hit the bottom of the moat. The picture that Bob posted was about as deep as the water got. But picture the water and mud flying from a car going sideways through that with his foot still on the floor hoping to find enough traction to shoot back onto the track before he got to turn 1.
  6. The track is on the same level as the grandstands. They used the moat instead of a wall .it was wide enough, and deep enough to keep the cars and fans separated. But you could see that, oh shit. Look in the driver's eyes when his car made a hard right turn and was heading for the wall of dirt on the other side of the moat.
  7. Nan is actually from clayton ny. It's on the st Lawrence river a few miles from can am. But I do believe she met zippy in old forge. She graduated with my older brother.
  8. There was lots of murder mysteries in our family. My mother was constantly asking who died in that bathroom?
  9. I still want to be a race car driver when I grow up. At 50, I doubt that either will happen.
  10. In the picture, it looks like king Andy is staring at the nurses back side.
  11. Ok , here's my covid experience. I just generally felt like shit. For a few days. I was not hungry, ( I'm a 300lb man). So you know when you sit down to prime rib dinner on Easter and can barely finish a small piece of meat and a biscuit something is wrong. Monday morning when I was getting ready to go to work I brushed my teeth but couldn't taste the toothpaste. I sprayed on my cologne and couldn't smell it. I had a sore back from coughing. And I would end up taking several naps every day. Never had a fever. The only strange side effect I had was normally a nice hot shower
  12. My son went to can am last night. He said he had to park a long walk from the gate. I would have gone but I finally got covid myself. I think my quarantine is done on Monday.
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