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  1. They also believe in honest and fair elections which consists of voter ID, however the left just keeps passing laws to make fair elections a thing of the past.
  2. Certain wheelmen are off limits to criticism. In politics they call it a double standard, on DTD they just call it favoritism.
  3. It's amazing how other people seem to know so much about other people's financial situation than the person themselves!
  4. Buffalo dominated the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. Congratulations great game.
  5. I'm just thankful we have the ability to purchase the different options to watch. I really like Shane Andrews and his knowledge of the sport. It's easy to tell he's been around and knows dirt racing. He has hands on knowledge of drivers and owners past and present and shares that information very well. Thank you so much to vision and dtd for helping us in a small way get through these tough times.
  6. Surprised Keith Flach wasn't competing last night at Malta, does anyone know why?
  7. Ronnie, being the gentleman racer he has always been throughout his career, could have won that race with 2 to go in turn 1, by diving to the bottom and taking momentum away from Anthony. BRETT won half his races at Malta by using that tactic. I've been saying it for years, Ronnie is to nice of a guy to use somewhat of a questionable move to gain advantage. Great job by Anthony, Mike and Kenny. Thank you to dirt for putting these events together, much appreciated.
  8. I'm quite sure Mr. Cuomo hasn't forgot the huge banners being displayed at Syracuse when it was announced our super dirt week at the moody mile would be no more! ( F--K Cuomo )
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