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  1. Always thought if I was forced to bungee jump that I would choose that backstretch bridge. Maybe use a 2-foot bungee (just eyeballin it).
  2. Matt Sheppard. I think he has the potential to win a lot of races… just needs to put it all together this year.
  3. Yes that too. Especially if your last name rhymes with Marcia.
  4. Yea I mean there is etiquette in both supercross and motocross. I grew up watching it so it feels normal. It totally wouldn’t fly in dirt oval racing though… 😂
  5. Smith did make a crazy run but I think you are asking for it going on the outside on the last corner of an LCQ for the last transfer spot. Not sure he had many options.
  6. Did you happen to see Deegan and Jordon smith in the 1st 250 heat race?! I’ve never seen teammates go at it like that. Crazy.
  7. Looked like driveline or rear end. I was watching on flo so hard to tell. Supercross was difficult to watch. Plessinger was so close.
  8. For what it is worth from a format perspective: 1. A single intermission 2. No races with less than 8 cars 3. No more than 4 classes… preferably 2 or 3. 4. Heinz ketchup and Pepsi products. Coke products and catsup can be consumed in the parking lot.
  9. I was at that race too. Great night of racing… maybe 2000 or 2001?
  10. When Leroy posted it he left out “late” so it read “super models”…. Made me chuckle. He fixed the post. I agree though. In the late 90s Skyline had a late models vs. modifieds. It was awesome. On the same night was run whatcha brung at Fulton. I was always torn. I miss those type of shows.
  11. Felt bad for Cozze not being able to even start the race. He just missed a top 10.
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