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  1. wings? front and back honestly, John Williams make a good point. If no one cares that a 305. 360. and 410 sprint all look basically identical. Why does anyone give a shit of sportsman and modifieds look the same? ? why does it matter?
  2. What I wanna know is how two drivers managed to finish ahead of Stew without him breaking. He must of wanted to let Ronnie win.
  3. 1am? ouch. If the track was good, then what exactly was the hold up? I was not able to go. I saw in the results that they had a decent amount of Super Lates though. Was the feature any good?
  4. Big Diamond has sail panels on sportsman. No panels on the mods. I really do not care one way or the other if cars have sail panels or not. Not that much of a difference in appearance from my view
  5. A lot cooler temperatures than we are used to seeing at this time of year maybe? A lot of rain as well. The parking area was very soft the night of STSS.
  6. I am pretty sure some teams buy tires on race nights at the track. No? A lot of times a friend ,family member , or sponsor, etc. will chip in and buy a tire or two for drivers on race night
  7. If you notice. . Larger the crowd. Longer the show. No one there. Done quick. A large crowd. Milkers on No rocket science involved
  8. the friday 358 race at Rolling Wheels was always the BEST race of super dirt week. This long before the other tracks decided to jump on the band wagon. Brewerton ,Can Am, and Weedsport
  9. I went to the Don Garlits museum a few years ago In Ocala. The USAC in Feb rained out. Googled it . And it was maybe a mile away from hotel. LOL. We were staying on opposite side of building to see it. AWESOME museum . LOTS of cool cars . And not just cars driven by Garlits . Many autos. Me and a friend had timed it just right as Don does personal tours at certain times during the day. He started up some of the cars and motors lined up in his shops. I have video on my phone of these thing hammering. 👍 And he also signed hats and shirts for us. I still wear one once in a w
  10. I only went twice and not too crazy about Grandview. Run down facility and track surface was not good on those nights. But I absolutely love Big Diamond. I would not rule out a return trip to Grandview though. I think not enough visits yet for me to fairly judge
  11. another topic related to that recalls some sort of "split"? bottom line. there used to be a lot more DIRT sanctioned tracks . PA and NJ included . When I went to shows at the Wheels etc. Yeah I did see Jersey and PA guys. But most of the time the track these teams raced on fridays and or saturdays was DIRT
  12. how do some races run an others do not in this "shortage". and in your opinion , why is there this "shortage"? It seems to be no issue for some tracks and series. A big problem for whatever reason for others. sorta like watching covid news
  13. I liked the supers much better without the wings. More slip sliding off of four
  14. Thunder Mountain probably did not want to pay the purse? Most likely
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