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  1. What anger? You can get fifty vaccines. I do not give a shtt. as my dad used to say, “ don’t effect my life buck” I am fairly sure the COVID shot deal will turn into a once a year thing anyway. Been reading that more than once.
  2. "new information". Is that not part of what I posted? How do you know side effects as a percentage will continue to stay small? You do not. No one does for sure "New information" could come regarding any and all of the vaccines. In some cases it has already . And what has it been . Just six months or so? To each their own as to what their beliefs are. As far as me getting Covid? I am not at all worried about it. Nothing has changed since day one regarding that
  3. Here is where I am at. If I have no shot. And I sit next to someone who has taken a shot. Why should it matter? They can not get Covid. right? either the crap works . or not I am not saying I will never get one. Just. I am in not no big hurry . And should not be forced to for sure Seeing that doctors and medical experts have changed their minds on just about everything covid related a dozen or so more times in the last year Maybe they will change their minds regarding one or more of the vaccines..........again
  4. No complaint coming from me. I would not support a business that required me to do so. Airline/racetrack included There are others out there that will still take my money.
  5. We will find out Friday. I believe Alan Johnson will be one. Looking at the schedule there is a lot of extra money on the line at UR. And the track surface will most likely be smooth. Something Outlaw Speedway has been having trouble with Stew Friesen possible when no truck conflict? I thought I read somewhere that Jess was planning Utica weekly
  6. Keep in mind Big Blocks are not racing every week at OC. Some weeks it is just 358 And even the weeks big blocks are on, sometimes they are racing on Thursday with Sat off If I read the schedule right. No Big Big Blocks again at OC until Thurs 5/27
  7. just watching hot laps it is dusty already. that can not be good?
  8. if I have to watch the pack trucks, or the commercials? not much difference there to me. I switch somewhere else for a bit, like here. Then check back in. No big deal. It looks as though Tri City has a great crowd tonight with some warm weather to boot👍
  9. Its a live shot of the track, and or commercials I think because they have not even started hot laps yet? Not much to watch there
  10. shame on me for not remembering. but does anyone else feel like there was zero to no promotion of Fulton Speedways opener? ?
  11. https://www.dirttrackdigest.com/ransomville-speedway/2021/05/01/erick-rudolph-scott-kerwin-jaren-israel-sam-junkin-and-cole-susice-set-fast-time-at-ransomville/
  12. Dundee did think 12 lap dashes? ,or heats . Whatever you want to call them. The friday night before opener night. Those two winners of the dashes ,were included in a redraw for the feature on Sat, along with the heat winners. I know there is another track that has lined up opening night based on the fastest two practice speeds this season. Just can not remember which one . Or where I read this. Thinking Super Lates though Other tracks for sure have done things similar to in past seasons!
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