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  1. Alan Johnson won several races at the track, some of those 200 laps ,running next to the tires. Danny won a 200 lap race inches off the wall though. good times I do remember pushing my best friend up and down two of the mountain goat trails in his wheel chair more than once. Two of the races that stand out to me. The WoO Lates. And the WoO Sprints. The sprints seeing JZ finish 3rd against the best in the business.
  2. How much higher? 3 dollars instead of 2? I have brought my own coffee into several race tracks. At Dundee I have gotten in my truck during some of the many intermissions. Headed on over to DandyMart less than a mile away and get the fresh ground coffee . Bring it on back .
  3. If we are talking alcohol , my preference would be Genesee Beer or Miller High Life. No to Genny Light and no to Miller Lite. If doing a 'shot' with friends, it would be Jack Daniels, Jameson , or Moonshine. As far as NA options go... I drink Coffee and Orange Juice just about every morning. I like Ice Tea too. Not a fan at all of soda pop and or mixed drinks. Can not remember the last time I had either one of those. Plain water and milk not bad. But would not be the first choice. Like a little flavor.
  4. I have been going to Port Royal the last several years in March anyhow. Normally the third Sunday in March is the STSS. The night before being 410 sprints and super lates . Reading the post from con7 though, maybe that changes?
  5. I believe the NFL/Bills arr more concerned about the fans traveling back and forth on the roads , and parking lots . Not so much the players playing in bad weather
  6. Flat and smooth with some bite in it works for me. Not necessarily wet and heavy with a big curb. But not a ice skating park either. It is possible to have a flat smooth track without the black ice. The majority of PA tracks seem to have this figured out
  7. Canandaigua. I park inside the gates, about 50 feet behind my seat. 100 feet away at the furthest Utica I have seen mentioned here a couple times. But to me it has been super soggy every time I have been. Set there and watched people get stuck more than once. So I must be on the wrong side of lot?
  8. If I read it right. 9s lost at least one engine in Charlotte. maybe two? I think is was better for all who stayed once Sheppard left. Not just Godown, but Creeden ,Siri, and all who stayed. $500 just to start and pull in alone could go several miles on the fuel bill.
  9. I do not think the Wednesday and Thursday racing surface nor the racing was that bad at all this year. I enjoyed watching it. Saturday...yes it was horrible.
  10. I watched on tv last night. The surface was not good. No argument here from me on that end of things.
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