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  1. I agree that races are won in the garage. A team could have all the money in the world but...........
  2. stumbled on to this old topic doing a search https://www.dirttrackdigest.com/DTD/index.php?/topic/37421-early-modifieds-pictures/
  3. 50's 60'70's ? I was not there but I have read about it and seen the pictures. I know you have. What you had is what you built. Modified. And the tires you had is what you raced . Maybe there were some rules?. But all the cars did not look exactly the same. Have the exact same stamp or sticker on the parts. Engine were a variety. And the tires were pretty much all over the map as far as the brand. Thinking fuel was the same? I do remember when I started attending early 80's seeing a few different brand tires in the same race. And a lot of different chassis manufactures. Even some home built cars. Some old style bodies, and some newer. If the cars were all the same, at least they did not all look like it. Somewhere mid 80's this stopped. All the cars are now pretty much the exact same thing. cookie cutter. And many of the moving parts seem brand mandated, with a kickback to the series or track
  4. Looking into a road trip to Big Diamond thursday of Eastern Storm. Bedford friday, Port Royal sat. see how it goes with the forecast
  5. I would go back to letting modifieds be modifieds. Run what you bring. It worked for a few decades But now the racing and its tracks all survive off of the tire companies fuel companies, chassis, shock, and part manufacturers so again...... aint going to happen
  6. I wish the 80s and 90s would come back too. And not just because of racing Not going to happen.
  7. I would also add, that for as many people who do not care if 9s is in attendance(I am one). There are just as many people who want to see the 9s team win. There is normally a line at his Tshirt trailer. Regardless, I do not find the mod races boring or predictable. I still enjoy going. Thankfully I am not the only one or these places would be closed. I went to Utica last weekend. The plan as of now is to attend Canandaigua tomorrow.
  8. If you look at tracks that run sprints and late models weekly, it will be the same 4-5 guys at best most tracks too. I would agree that the tour shows in those divisions have a lot more competition. More talent/money. But WoO ,High Limit ,Lucas ,etc. are National Tours. Drawing national talent. NorthEast mods as we know them are regional at best. Its pretty simple really, if the mod races are boring. Then do not go. Do not watch. Find something you enjoy doing would make a whole lot more sense. Complaining about how boring it is, and then still attending and or watching? ? What does that accomplish?
  9. If all you want to see is a series race then , yes it is kind of predictable. No arguement there. I do not always care if it is a series show when I go to the races. And the 9s pretty much posts where he is going on facebook. So its not that hard if you want to see someone else win.
  10. There are a helluva lot more options out there vs work ,if people are bored at the race track. I know, I know. You’re so bored and not entertained with modified racing. But somehow you still know everything about it.😊
  11. The answer is on your post. The people that were there. I like sprints and late models too . Watched both shows on Flo last night. But if everyone was truly bored with mods? I would be the only one sitting there watching them go around. I’ve seen decent attendance at some mod tracks this year . Very good attendance at one. Some people must still like mods? Either that , or they just like going to the track, and not sitting home complaining about everything on the key board. I might also add, there is way more going on in the mod world than just the series shows. I have watched 5 different winners in person so far this season. Two of them first timers. And none of them the 9s. People want to bring up the facts . Well then go to the front page. There is a lot more there besides the same old stories posted over here on the forum
  12. believe it or not.....I was thinking of Lance DeWease and the 69k team. It would be fair to say though that there are a lot of Rahmer haters.
  13. 30-35 years ago. I was always a fan of Kreitz when he came to Weedsport and Rolling Wheels. I figured him to be a low buck team, and he probably was , compared to The Outlaws. Fast forward to now, when I travel to PA., I still pull for the Kreitz team ro win races with DeWease. Even though many of the fans down there do not like to see him win. Or so it seems.
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