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  1. I read the first post. And thought that was what the thread was about. Oh well. Alex did win a few modified races last season at Outlaw. How old is he? 18?
  2. I do not think he is a driver who has been in the shadows for too long, or needs to turn his luck around,. But Alex is definetly going to be a driver to watch, He is going to do very well I think.
  3. It does not happen as much in AMA MotoCross. They are still aggressive. But not THAT aggresssive. Much faster speeds. Probably like comparing Martinsville to Talledega.
  4. Probably too cold to get a boat out of dock. But not cold enough to freeze the lakes or river
  5. Yes! Not sure if there is more going on between those two that they are not telling? Looked to me like Deegan set back at one point and waited on Smith looking to make contact. Smith kind of self destructed after that though I have really got to get to one of these events some day. It is still on my wish list. I have been to a few Pro AMA flat track events. I also used to go to a lot of amateur motocross events when I was a kid. My father used to race. But I have never been to the AMA Supercross or the Pro Motocross
  6. I love AMA Supecross. Just got done watching it. Bad for Plessinger. But his time will come. I pull for the vets.
  7. Payne was exciting to watch. He seemed to be running where no one else dared. He would gain three or four spots. And then lose just as many. Then pass the same cars again.
  8. I do not feel like the track surface was good yesterday at Selinsgrove. Which led to not the best race. I gave some thought about going to Lincoln. But figured If I went there I would be staying over another night. I wanted to be home this morning. And I do not really enjoy the drive all night thing anymore. It was good to escape winter, and see some racing. Sure it was only 45 degrees. But it was sunny out. And Selinsgrove raced!! I had a good time. Decent crowd. Got to shoot the bull with a few of the dog pound faithful. Coming home ,last night I hit white out type snow. The big flake stuff with side ways wind. From about 10 miles south of Corning ,all the way into Geneva. Looking outside now there is about an inch on the ground. Temperature says 20 degrees. Welcome back.
  9. I dress appropriately. More than what is probably needed. So I am not cold . Super happy to be at the track for the first time this season . It is a good day👍
  10. Should have made that an afternoon decision? Left the house 1030. I got the rained out text that they cancelled a little after 2pm. 3 plus hours in. And just 30 minutes from the track. Oh well. It happens Hoping for some better luck this afternoon
  11. I am watching the forecast and social media posts as well. The plan as of right now is to do a Williams Grove/Selinsgrove double. But if for some reason Williams Grove were to cancel/reschedule , I would probably rethink that. For the most part ,I try to do more than one event if traveling several hours. It will be a Friday morning decision.
  12. Does anyone know if Selinsgrove Speedway has any sort of social media site? A link? Or is it all still a work in progress? Is anyone here planning on attending Saturday?
  13. I am one of those people who actually enjoys being at the race track. So three hours is fine with me, and I can deal with the occasional four. I would agree though that longer than four hours is too much. Normally if it is past 11pm ,I am headed to the truck. Intermission I am fine with if it is short. Not a huge fan of 'dead time'. But track employees need a break too. I do always appreciate the facilities which seem to have a handle on the track surface. And do not spend the evening working on and/or reworking the track. In general I try to find reasons to attend the races. And do not look for excuses to stay home. The dirt track is my happy place
  14. Just read on the STSS page, Hagerstown 3/11 postponed
  15. Yeah it sucks. But probably the right call. Cold I can deal with. Snow and rain not. Hopefully next week is better
  16. I was planning to do Port Royal Friday and Hagerstown Saturday. The forecast though is looking rather shitty. On the fence now. Hagerstown also has a Sunday rain date. And Williams Grove racing too. I really do not want to travel that far for just Sunday though. Got a couple more days to decide I guess
  17. I am a fan of not trying to fix what is not broke myself. Liked baseball the way it was just fine. I think with the clock rules ,a lot of 1-0 is what we are going to get. It probably is too early to tell. But the clock does seem to messing with the batters timing. Pre season does not mean a lot though. The bigger base thing is absolutely ridiculous. Whats next, moving in the fences?
  18. Bob, what are your thoughts on this new clock thing with the pitcher and hitter? I like baseball, but not a fan of this new clock thing at all. It flat out sucks in my opinion
  19. Yes 👍. Someone looking more at the positive. Not the negative One of the things I have noticed so far is how good the racing surfaces have been. None of those 'springtime conditions excuses'. And like you said, this even with racing during the daytime. PA racing is where it is at no doubt.
  20. I kind of thought some BD and GV teams could still be working on their cars. The openers for those two tracks are still a month out. Any of the Dog Pound going to Hagerstown Saturday weather permitting?
  21. Lincoln went uncontested and did not get 30. So I do not find the Port Royal count odd. I kind of expect less than 30 at Williams Grove for their uncontested opener. Time will tell. The Florida thing, I completely agree with you and con7. There are no local cars to draw from in Florida. 22 is a good count.
  22. I do not think car counts will ever be great again. But 29 410 sprints is very good for a reg season opener anywhere. Just as impressed if not more ,with the 31 super lates. Neither one being a series event.
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